The Sales Employee Experience: Driving Collaboration, Community, and Outcomes

A positive employee experience is the foundation of business performance. It just makes sense.

Sellers’ experiences—from the day they join the company—impact how motivated they are, how well they collaborate, and whether they’re invested in the company’s success.

Companies that leverage the right Employee Experience (EX) strategies are more successful in meeting financial targets and satisfying customers than those that don’t.

But sales reps have distinct needs given the nature of their work and what it takes to succeed. Even before the pandemic sent everyone home, sales teams were geographically distributed.

New research from The Josh Bersin Company reveals the unique needs of sales reps and the proven EX practices that sales enablement teams can leverage to facilitate better results.

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  • How Sales Employee Experience contributes to higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction
  • 3 key elements of sales enablement that empower salespeople to do and be their best
  • 4 recommended tactics for operationalizing the Sales Employee Experience
  • Actionable lessons from the frontlines of Sales Employee Experience

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