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New Research Reveals the Challenges of Using Multiple Sales Tools

Do you use too many sales tools? A vast majority of companies deploy a variety of technology solutions to support sales efforts. But does using multiple tools help or hinder team performance?

Allego investigated this common situation to learn more. We surveyed 330 B2B sales and marketing leaders to find out how they’re using tools and the pros and cons of their current technology stacks.

Our new research reveals that using multiple tools at once can seem like a second job for both sales leaders and reps—and this can end up undermining the impact of those tools.

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Download this new research report to learn:

  • 7 new findings about the current state of sales enablement tools
  • How sales leaders and sellers feel about the tools they use
  • The downsides of using multiple sales enablement tools including cost, training, security concerns, confusion, and redundancy
  • 3 practical recommendations to help you make the best choices when building your sales enablement tech stack

Download our new research report to get the latest insights and advice for building the best sales enablement tech stack.

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