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5 Findings and Recommendations for B2B Sales Leaders


B2B sales has changed. Buyers now discover and compare products without ever meeting with a sales representative. It’s more difficult to stand out or differentiate your product.

This means the way organizations communicate with their sales reps—and the way sellers communicate with buyers—must change as well.

To thrive in a hyper-competitive world, you need another tool—something faster, easier, and more engaging than PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents. Something that can help you get your message across in a dynamic way. You need video.

Allego analyzed one year of usage data for over 40,000 content items to understand the usage of videos and static documents. We found that video far outperforms documents when it comes to views, opens, and engagement.

The findings in this report offer an insider’s view into the current state of the use and adoption of video for sales, as well as recommendations to help you make the best use of video for your business.

sales video report

Download this new research report to get:

  • New analysis of over 40,000 videos, PDFs, PowerPoints, and Word documents
  • 5 actionable findings into the current state of sales video
  • Comparison of views, opens, and engagement rates of video vs. static documents
  • Key differences between personal video and corporate video
  • The sweet spot of video length for highest engagement
  • 5 recommendations for B2B sales leaders to move deals through the pipeline

Download our new research report for the latest insights and advice for building the best sales video experience.


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