The Six Deadly Negotiation Mistakes Killing your Sales Conversations

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As a salesperson, being a good negotiator is a key part of the role and foundation for a successful business.

Most people are taught the concept of negotiation but not how to put the skill into practice.  Without taking the time to finesse your negotiation skills, you may fail to sell.

Are you making mistakes that are killing your sales conversations?

We have a webinar to help!

Join Richard Smith, VP of Sales and George Donovan, Chief Revenue Office at Allego for a deep dive on the deadly negotiation mistakes that are killing your conversations.

You will have an insight into,

  • The 6 mistakes you’re making in your conversations
  • The mistakes you don’t know are mistakes
  • Tips on how to overcome the above to become a better negotiator

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george donovan headshot

George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer, Allego
George is responsible for Allego’s customer acquisition and sales goals. A proven sales leader with over 20 years of sales, marketing, operations and management experience, George is a sales enablement enthusiast who loves tools and systems that empower people. Prior to Allego, George served as the Chief Sales Officer of Compete during its rapid growth from $30M to $110M. Previously, he was the principal owner of a Sandler Training franchise in Marlborough, MA. George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Anselm College. He was also voted Father of the Year an unprecedented 20 times (by his family).



richard smith headshot

Richard Smith, VP of Sales, Allego
Richard fell into the profession after leaving University with an underwhelming Computer Science degree. He has performed all sales roles from lead generation to revenue contributor, and now leads a growing team. He is passionate about coaching and developing others, particularly those just starting their career.






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