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New Research Reveals the Current Challenges of Hybrid Sales Onboarding

Sales onboarding looks very different than it did just 24 months ago. Remote work, a tight labor market, high employee turnover, and increasing competition mean it’s vital for sales organizations to train new hires to be productive faster.

Allego surveyed 300 B2B sales leaders about their onboarding plans and practices to understand where sales onboarding has been, where it is today, and where it’s going next.

We found that the shift to hybrid work exposed the weaknesses of organizations that relied on outdated processes to onboard new hires. In fact, 39% said remote work made their onboarding process obsolete.

But while remote work initially dealt a blow to organizations’ onboarding practices, many have adapted to this change and are even more effective now.

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  • 6 findings into the current state of sales onboarding
  • How hybrid work has changed onboarding and how companies have adapted
  • Top 3 onboarding pain points and how to overcome them
  • New tactics to make onboarding less costly, faster, and less stressful
  • 5 practical recommendations to help you improve your company’s program

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