Traditional Onboarding No Longer Works: Onboarding Reimagined

It’s time to reimagine onboarding. Instead of following a formal, one-size-fits-all formula with a beginning and end, put the employee at the center and create an “everboarding” experience.

With everboarding, employee training is personalized, self-directed, and just in time. Employees are not forced to do basic-level training if they already have advanced skills. Employees can select relevant training, beyond the training required of all new hires.

Join Allego’s Peter Kyranakis, VP of Solution Consulting and Sales Enablement, and Jessica Peck, Sr. Sales Content Manager, to learn:

  • Why and how leading companies have made made the switch to everboarding
  • Ways to customize skills training according to the new hire’s proficiency
  • How to keep your workforce engaged and operating at peak performance

It’s time to ditch stagnant, traditional onboarding methods and embrace customized everboarding to improve company performance, employee engagement, and recruiting power. By creating a culture of community, continual education, and engagement, not only will you empower your sales reps to succeed, but will do so in a way that makes them feel included and valued.

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Peter Kyranakis, VP of Solution Consulting & Sales Enablement at Allego

Peter is an enablement leader with experience in building and scaling functions such as sales, project management, technical consulting, customer care, technical support, enablement, and technical account management in the technology industry. He has success building and maintaining client relationships at all levels, as well as managing and delivering on client expectations from business development through solution delivery.

Peter takes great pride in building teams and helping people achieve their career goals. Working as a team allows us to accomplish so much more than any individual effort. 



Jessica Peck, Sr. Sales Content Manager at Allego

Jessica is a Sales Content Manager at Allego.  She is responsible for Allego’s internal sales content management adoption by Sales.  She also works closely with Sales and Marketing to generate, activate, and distribute learning content and programs to our sales team.  Prior to Allego, Jessica spent five years at Salesforce, focused on course development and learning design.