Training Salespeople to Thrive in Virtual Environments

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COVID-19 forced an abrupt shift to virtual selling. As the pandemic recedes (however unevenly), management might look forward to putting aside many virtual tools. But this would be a mistake for most organizations. In fact, it’s much more likely that virtual communication will become a permanent capability for the sales force, and will remain a frequently used medium for engaging both customers and internal audiences. Sales organizations have been slow to adapt training practices to these emerging circumstances, in which a salesperson’s success remains dependent on their fluency and skill in virtual media.

This web panel considers the most important aspects of virtual selling, and how these represent new training priorities for management. Topics include the elements of effective sales messaging, overcoming attention deficits in virtual settings, emerging technology for radically improving virtual buyer/seller interactions, and powerful applications of virtual tools to impact manager-to-salesperson coaching and salesperson effectiveness. Panelists will offer examples of new tools, including digital sales rooms.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • What is Virtual Selling – engage through chat, panelists offer their definitions
  • Examples of virtual selling tools and content
  • Digital Sales Rooms – show and tell

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Chester Liu,
VP of Growth, Allego


Rob Salafia,
CEO, Protagonist Consulting Group


Marc McNamara,
Founder & Chief Enablement Officer, The Enablement Group


Mike Kunkle,
VP Sales Effectiveness Services SPARXiQ


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