Allego Leadership Interview Series: Erika Bzdel

Why Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing Is Important


Salespeople prefer to learn from their peers. When asked to name the best source of sales training, most sellers would agree that other reps are their most influential source.

Training is much more powerful when you can enable team members to share recipes for success with one another, rather than relying solely on formal face-to-face coaching sessions.

Even the best sales managers are often removed from the “ground truth” compared to reps who are on the front lines with prospects every day.

When organizations can leverage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, reps learn best practices, competitive intel, objection handling, and can emulate those winning pitches in the field.

In this video, Erika Bzdel, VP of Enterprise Sales, Allego, shares why peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is so important for sales organizations’ success.

Watch the interview to learn:

  • What kind of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing has the most impact
  • How you can use peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to replicate A-player behavior
  • How peer-to-peer knowledge sharing helps retain institutional knowledge
  • How asynchronous video can support peer-to-peer knowledge sharing