Women in Sales: 8 Experts Share Selling Advice

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Selling is hard, and it’s getting even harder now that sales reps have to build relationships and nurture deals in a hybrid manner.

On top of that, today’s buyers are more digitally savvy and self-sufficient, so sellers must provide value beyond what a company’s website can provide.

That means sellers must be able to collaborate with buyers, listen to their concerns, and shape solutions that are tailored to buyers’ needs. In fact, those are all capabilities that high-performing sellers have. And it turns out more women use those skills than men, and outperform them.

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In this eBrief, top women sellers offer advice for the new world of sales and share strategies to help you succeed, including:

  • Build relationships with buyers
  • Apply data-driven decision making
  • Be emotionally aware and willing to change
  • Dare to do something different

Download Women in Sales: 8 Experts Share Selling Advice to get strategies that help all sellers succeed in the new world of sales.

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