Pharmaceutical Sales Training Solution

Transform Sales Effectiveness

Equip your team with high-impact training, content, and coaching to maximize productivity and minimize risk.

50% Faster

See how Metagenics used Allego to improve sales proficiency and increase revenue.

Grow Revenue Faster

See how you can accelerate pharmaceutical sales training and empower teams with content that delivers real business results. Equip your sales reps with exactly the training they need for 30-second, 3-minute, and 15-minute interactions with healthcare providers, hospital administrators, and payers. Launch products quickly and ensure every rep is on-label and in compliance.

Launch New Products and Ramp Training Faster

Build High-Performing Teams
Build High-Performing Teams

Create and scale certification and regulatory pharmaceutical sales training to keep sellers on message and in compliance.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Reinforce best practices with peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Certify Easily
Certify Easily

Achieve regulatory compliance to build seller confidence and competence.

Train More Effectively
Train More Effectively

Assess clinical proficiency and deliver targeted training that keeps salespeople engaged.

Sales Success

Train and Certify Faster

Deliver rapid pharma sales training and new product messaging to gain a competitive edge.

Equip sales reps with concise, compelling, and compliant messaging
Ramp up product launch training and provide quick reference material in-field
Make sure every rep can deliver the most effective—and accurate—pitch
Keep medical affairs teams up to date and reinforce product knowledge
Training Effectiveness

Accelerate Onboarding and Drive Long-Term Success

Ramp new hires quickly, reinforce messaging, and shorten training time for bigger wins, sooner.

Deliver compliant, continuous training from any location using any mobile device
Provide just-in-time resources for product launch and healthcare provider interactions
Share package insert information and therapeutic guidelines to keep reps on-message
Increase coaching capacity with AI to improve individual and team performance
Uncover where revenue is won and lost in every sales conversation
Performance Measurement

Connect Sales Activity with Business Results

Understand revenue impact and effectiveness of training, content, and coaching to drive best practices.

Assess sales skills, competencies, and knowledge retention
Get actionable insights into individual and team success
Maximize coaching resources and deal intelligence
Track buyer engagement and replicate winning behavior
Validate content and messaging effectiveness
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See How Pharmaceutical Sales Teams Succeed With Allego

Out of the gate, we started to see immediate adoption in the field. Over the last 90 days, 93% of all users have accessed Allego at least once. We’ve logged almost 200,000 video views.

Travis Hecker Senior Manager of Global Sales Training / Abbott

When you have a platform like Allego, you have the benefit of someone reviewing reps’ performance and providing feedback whenever it’s convenient.

Chris Gish Vice President of Sales / Global Pharmaceutical Company

See Allego in Action

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