Ventilator Training Alliance

mobile-phone-screen-shotThe Ventilator Training Alliance provides a library of training and product resources for medical professionals. Created through a partnership between ventilator manufacturers, including Dräger, GE Healthcare, Getinge, Hamilton Medical, Medtronic, Nihon Kohden, Philips, and other manufacturers and powered by Allego, the central knowledge hub provides free mobile access to video tutorials, instruction manuals, and other training materials for equipment that is critical to helping clinicians treat patients suffering from COVID-19 related respiratory distress. Manufacturers are responsible for their own content.

How to Access Ventilator Training Alliance Hub

The app is provided at no cost to medical professionals and is available for iOS and Android or via any web browser.
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If you do not see a model on here, please email and we will try to make that available as soon as possible.

If you are a ventilator manufacturer and would like to join the alliance, please send your request to:

About Allego

Allego is a software provider that ensures employees have the skills and timely knowledge to succeed in their jobs. Using Allego, employees can learn, collaborate, and share content, all within an easy-to-use mobile app. Companies can quickly create and share fresh, bite-sized content so employees across departments and geographies have access to consistent information. Hundreds of thousands of professionals use Allego to onboard faster, deliver consistent messaging, rapidly adopt best practices, coach and practice more frequently, and collaborate more effectively. To learn more about Allego, please visit

Application Help

Getting Started
Searching for Content
Downloading Content to Your Device
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Getting Started

Content is organized into channels (rows) of related content on the Home page.  Content items (e.g., videos, documents) are represented by small rectangular tiles, which display the title and a thumbnail image.  You can:

  • Tap on any thumbnail to display the content.  Tap on the Back icon (upper-left) to exit.
  • Scroll the tiles in a row to the left to see more tiles.
  • Scroll and tap on any item in the “Recently viewed” carousel to display previously viewed content.
  • Tap on See all (top-right of a row) or More available (last tile in a row) to see all content in the channel.  Tap the Back icon to return to the Home page (this is on the top-left on iOS).
  • If a channel contains folders, tap on the blue folder to view its contents.
  • Tap the Navigation menu (3-horizontal bars on the top-left) to easily navigate to all channels and folders (tap outside the menu to dismiss).


Searching for Content

You can easily search in Allego and view matching content:

  1. Tap the search (magnifying glass) icon on the top red toolbar.
  2. Start typing in the Search box to display instant search suggestions.  You can:
    • Tap any matching entry in the suggested list to view it.
    • Tap Search on your keyboard to view all matching results.
    • (Optional) Sort results by tapping Options (3 vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and choosing Sort by.


Downloading Content to Your Device

You can mark an item a “favorite” for offline use and faster access.  This is recommended for any content you may need if you do not have a reliable Internet connection.

  1. To favorite a content item, tap the grey star (turns gold) on the upper-right corner of an item tile.
  2. Navigate to Favorites (first channel on Home page) to see all of your downloaded content.

IMPORTANT:  When an item is newly marked as a favorite, (iOS) Active transfer at the bottom of the screen or (Android) a system download notification will appear while the item is downloading to your device. You can continue using Allego while this happens in the background.  Switching to any other app (including the device system Home screen) will interrupt the transfer (automatically resumes when you return to Allego). The item will not be available in Favorites until the transfer completes.



  • Is the Ventilator Training Alliance info also available from a browser?Yes, you can access  from Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 32+, or Edge.
  • What if I can’t find information on my ventilator device?
    You can send an email to
  • Where is this content from?
    All content has been provided by manufacturers directly or through links to publicly available material, the authors of which are each responsible for their content.


Need More Help?

If you need more assistance, please send email to