How Allego Works


Learn how Allego’s sales enablement platform leverages modern learning, content sharing, and peer-to-peer collaboration to drive the best results for your sales team.

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What is Allego?

Allego is the future of sales enablement. Our sales enablement, learning, content management, and conversation intelligence products accelerate performance for sales and other teams. Allego is AI-driven and seller-centric, with the power, agility, insight, and ease you need to drive results in a hybrid world—all in a single app.

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How can Allego benefit my sales team?

Allego improves business outcomes and increases sales by creating a culture of sales coaching and experiential learning. We do this by increasing coaching capacity via asynchronous collaboration that doesn’t take up selling time and automating learning based on what happens during sales calls. Managers can review role-specific skill gaps, offer contextual guidance within conversations, and assign mobile reinforcement in the flow of how sellers work. With Allego, you’ll see how your sales reps deliver messaging across calls, coach sellers to replicate A-players, and identify pipeline risk to course correct and maximize revenue.

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Is Allego an LMS?

Allego is much more than a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is simply a vast content repository to store and track content. Today’s sales teams need more than that to succeed. That’s where Allego comes in. Allego delivers micro-learning in the moment of need and informal, peer-generated information from the front lines of customer conversations. Allego’s modern learning platform delivers:

  • Agile content creation
  • Ease of access/use in the field
  • Self-directed learning
  • Experiential learning on the fly

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What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the ongoing process of maximizing revenue per rep, by ensuring sellers convey the right concept using the right content throughout each stage of the buying process. Key components include sales content management, skills training, knowledge, sales coaching, and tools to effectively sell your product or service. These tactics must be integrated, driven by a unified strategy, and enabled by sales enablement technology such as Allego.

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