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5 Tips for Users Generating Content

Video doesn’t need to meet the production standards of Hollywood filmmakers to be an effective learning and communications tool. Above all, content is king, and salespeople willingly trade production quality for user-generated video because it gives them timely nuggets of wisdom articulated by peers and trusted experts at their company.

That said, if the quality of a mobile video is poor—if it looks like you’re having a conversation during an earthquake or while your hair is catching on fire—it distracts the audience.

Fortunately, given our smartphones’ near professional quality cameras nowadays, we can make a few slight adjustments to our technique and wind up with really great videos that come together in minutes.

Here’s five simple tips for salespeople, managers, SMEs, or executives using video to share critical knowledge and information throughout the field:

  1. Make sure you’re facing a light when you hit record

If you press record with the light at your back you will look like you’re standing in a dark room. Plus, when the camera is pointed directly at a bright light source it can be bad for it. Also try adjusting the touch focus on your smartphone to make sure the camera is focusing right.

  1. Keep the camera steady by holding with both hands

The no-cost solution is to either hold your mobile device with both hands or prop it against a stationary object on your desk or table. But if you want to splurge, you could purchase a $10 table tripod.

  1. Don’t muffle the audio

Your smartphone captures good audio so make sure the little audio receiver next to your camera lens isn’t blocked or dirty.

  1. Stay close

As a rule, keep the camera close to your subject—whether the subject is you or someone else. This will ensure better image quality and focus, as most smartphones use an automatic zoom.

  1. Hold the smartphone sideways when recording

Hold your phone horizontally so the video looks like regular widescreen movie and TV footage people are used to.  Plus it’s easier to steady the camera that way.

Mobile videos don’t have to be perfect to make an outsized impact on sales performance. At the same time, by following these 5 tips, every salesperson, manager, and expert can regularly generate videos that look like they were shot by a professional. High-performing sales organizations are 76% more likely to rely on user-generated video content for mission-critical sales data and information, so giving them an easy way for anyone to capture high-quality videos is a must.

For more about how high performing sales organizations use Allego to share critical knowledge and beat the competition, check the set of best practices Bob Kuberski, Regional Sales Manager at Eaton Vance, implemented to create sales content and win deals.


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