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conversation intelligence enables sales success
December 8, 2022

The Key to Sales Success: Conversation Intelligence

conversation intelligence enables sales success

One of your newer sales reps is far behind on their sales goal. In your weekly meetings with them, you offer advice and tips. They say they apply what you say, yet conversations the rep has with buyers go nowhere.

What really happens during the rep’s sales calls?

With conversation intelligence, you can find out.

Conversation intelligence provides the insight you need to help individual sales reps overcome their unique challenges and raise overall team performance. Conversation Intelligence uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls to generate recommendations—powering every aspect of sales enablement with data-driven insights into performance.

With access to data from conversation intelligence, you can identify skill gaps, pinpoint where revenue is won or lost, prescribe training to fix specific behaviors that lose deals, extract best practices for your entire team, and keep deals moving through the pipeline.

To help you fully understand the power of conversation intelligence, Allego and Sales Enablement Collective (SEC) teamed up to bring you The Conversation Intelligence Podcast. It’s a brand-new, five-episode series in which sales pros share insider knowledge and their experience using conversation intelligence to enable sales success.

All five episodes are available now. Scroll down to learn about each episode, then click over to give them a listen.

The Conversation Intelligence Podcast Series

Episode 1: If You Don’t Understand Front-line Sales Conversations, Your Sales Enablement Strategy Is Doomed

Rich Smith, VP of Sales EMEA at Allego, joined SEC’s Daniel O’Dowd to share his journey into conversation intelligence and how the technology has revolutionized sales coaching.

Listen as Rich discusses:

  • The benefits of analyzing sales reps’ calls
  • How to handle sales reps’ hesitation around call recordings
  • How conversation intelligence ties into a sales enablement strategy

>> Listen to the Episode

Episode 2: Life as a Sales Leader Before and After Conversation Intelligence

In this episode, Owain Williams, Founder of Dremur, discusses how his experiences as a sales leader changed once he began to use conversation intelligence tools.

Listen as Owain shares:

  • Why conversation intelligence is so important to the success of sales teams
  • How listening to their own calls boosts sales reps’ performance
  • How to get started using conversation intelligence

>> Listen to the Episode

Episode 3: Surprising Data-Backed Behaviors of Top-Performing Sellers

During his conversation with Daniel O’Dowd, Marc Wayshak, Founder of Sales Insights Lab, shared results from the research his organization conducted around sales reps’ behavior, using conversation intelligence to uncover what separates the best from the rest.

Listen as Marc discusses:

  • The top trends he discovered from the research
  • How to access the data yourself
  • How to translate the research findings into actionable takeaways for your sales coaching

>> Listen to the Episode

Episode 4: Predicting and Optimizing Your Return on Sales Enablement

In episode 4, listeners learn “what the science says about sales enablement.” Johannes Habel, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Houston, and Nathan Hartmann, Associate Professor at the University of South Florida, explain their research around the effectiveness of sales enablement content platforms.

Listen as Johannes and Nathan discuss:

  • The type of sales enablement research they have conducted
  • What their findings reveal about the relationship between rep tenure and sales enablement
  • Future sales enablement research planned

>> Listen to the Episode

Episode 5: How Conversation Intelligence Can Single-Handedly Create Your Coaching Culture

Kevin Beales, VP & GM of Allego, joined Daniel O’Dowd for the final episode in the series. During their conversation, Kevin pointed out the disconnect between how much coaching sales managers want to provide and how much they actually do. No surprise that it’s less.

Listen as Kevin discusses:

  • Why sales coaching is often neglected, and how to address that
  • The benefits of agile coaching
  • How you can use conversation intelligence to improve your organization’s coaching culture

>> Listen to the Episode

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