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Elyse Archer Podcast Cover Art
January 22, 2021

The Adapter’s Advantage Podcast: Episode 18 Featuring Elyse Archer

Elyse Archer Podcast Cover Art

Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success. In episode 18, international sales mentor, speaker, and trainer Elyse Archer shares how she helps her clients believe in themselves, learn to sell in a way that feels authentic, avoid burnout, and find purpose.

Elyse is the founder of She Sells, a coaching program and community for women in sales who are reaching new goals and revolutionizing the way sales is done. A thought leader whose insights have been featured in major media including Forbes and Inc, Elyse is passionate about empowering women to sell in a way that leverages their natural gifts, and helps them build wealth along the way.

She is an international keynote speaker and host of She Sells Radio, where she shares best practices from female entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have accomplished extraordinary goals.

Prior to founding She Sells, Elyse served as a partner in an international sales coaching organization, where she helped sales professionals achieve their goals.

Elyse is also a founding team member of Brand Builders Group, a personal branding strategy firm. Her client list includes New York Times bestselling authors, top 100 podcast hosts, and eight-figure entrepreneurs, as well as leaders who are earlier in their journey and committed to scaling their influence, impact and income.

Listen as Elyse shares how you can develop your own sales practice, honor your natural talent and style, increase your visibility, and gain a new feeling of peace and purpose.

Episode 18: Believing in Yourself | Elyse Archer

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“How do you start to get more confidence so that you can make better decisions for yourself and goal set based upon your highest and best self versus the more fear-based version of yourself? For me, it comes down to daily practice.” — Elyse Archer

From This Episode

Host Mark Magnacca: “Helping people think about what they’re capable of and bringing confidence to them is an enormous gift for so many people.”

Elyse Archer: “Thank you for your perspective on that, I think that’s so powerful. And I think the natural question someone asks is, “How do you start to get more confidence so that you can make better decisions for yourself and goal set based upon your highest and best self versus the more fear-based version of yourself?”

“For me, it comes down to daily practice. It’s every single day, morning routine, looking at your goals. I’ve got my vision board here on the wall—looking at that, getting excited about that, reading, pouring into yourself, working out—whatever that daily routine is that gets you in that peak state of confidence.

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back and reaffirm those things two, three, four times a day. Confidence wanes. Just like you’ve got to eat a couple of times a day, you may need to instill your confidence a few times a day,

“It’s so important. When we can learn to think of ourselves and goal set based upon that state of peak confidence versus fear, everything changes.”

About The Adapter’s Advantage

Our podcast features leaders from sales, training, and industry who share their personal journeys of transformation and how they are adapting to an ever-changing environment. As your host, I’ll introduce you to some of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve met over the last twenty years.

The conversions dive into the ups and downs of their journey. Our guests focus on inflection points—the aha moments that, in retrospect, had a critical impact on their success. These interviews will leave you with practical, real-world advice that you can apply to your life.

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