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Adapter's Advantage Rhomes Aur
March 31, 2021

The Adapter’s Advantage Podcast: Episode 22 Featuring Rhomes Aur

Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success. In episode 22, Rhomes Aur, CEO of First Horizon Advisors, shares insights on achieving the right kind of growth, the role of financial services companies in serving communities, and the opportunities of virtual selling.

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Based in Memphis, Tennessee. Aur has over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and more than 33 with First Horizon Advisors, the wealth management division of First Horizon Bank. First Horizon Advisors oversees $7 billion in assets across 6,934 accounts and employs more than 189 people. The level of assets currently under the firm’s management places it among the biggest investment advisory firms in the country.

“Culture is a differentiator to attract the best people to want to work on your team. Our advisors are our best recruiters now because of the way we do business.” — Rhomes Aur

Aur has dedicated himself to building company cultures that attract the best people and inspire financial services advisors to achieve their goals and serve their communities. He has served in a wide range of different roles across retail, commercial, banking management, strategic planning, wealth management, and private client.

Aur grew up in Memphis and is a graduate of the University of Memphis and the MID South School of Banking and the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU. He’s a board member of Teach for America and the advisory board at Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis. He also serves on the board of the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA).

Listen as Aur describes his experience leading during the pandemic, the changing role of advisors, the importance of providing a great client experience, and the opportunities of virtual selling.

Episode 22: Serving Our Communities | Rhomes Aur

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From This Episode

Host Mark Magnacca: “What do new advisors need to thrive and take advantage of the expanded scale that virtual selling offers?”

Rhomes Aur: “There are a lot of things that come to mind. This is not anything I can take credit for, but I firmly believe that if you look at research in our industry, the future advisor needs to be a life coach.

“It’s almost like you need to hire psychology and sociology majors to be advisors as much as you need people with financial acumen. The advisor of the future is going to be talking about health and family matters as much as investment management.

“Also, being able to communicate virtually versus face-to-face is different. When it’s a face-to-face meeting, you can meet for an hour or two hours and keep people’s attention. Virtually, it’s got to be 15 or 20 minutes. Get your message across, and let’s move on.

“The skill set there is totally different. You still need to be able to build connectivity with your clients, but you’ve got to do it a lot quicker and you’ve got to get to the point and deliver a message quicker.

“That’s a whole different skill set and it goes along with the psychology and associated sociological aspects of our business. Now that’s a different animal altogether.”

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