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Illustration of chatbot modeled on custom GPTs
January 11, 2024

28 of the Best Custom GPTs for Sales in the GPT Store

Illustration of chatbot modeled on custom GPTs

Generative AI is advancing faster than any technology I’ve experienced. And that’s saying a lot, considering all the tech I’ve seen come to market over the years: the Web, computer games, digital music, cell phones, tablets (first generation iPad owner here), social media, and everything else we use today.

Perhaps only music-sharing site Napster created as much of a frenzy when it arrived on the scene in 1999 as gen AI tool ChatGPT did 23 years later. Millions of people flocked to each of those tools when they launched. At its peak, Napster had about 80 million subscribers. While ChatGPT had over 57 million active users in the first month of its first month.

Like Napster revolutionized how we listen to music, generative AI has revolutionized how we work.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content, such as text, images, or music, by learning from existing data. It uses algorithms to analyze and understand patterns in the data and then generates new, original output that resembles the learned material.

People in all industries use generative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create content, analyze data, write software, create sales strategies, develop employee training, manage teams, and more. The technology helps automate and streamline tasks, increasing productivity.

Say Hello to Custom GPTs for Sales

Gen AI creators aren’t resting on their laurels. They continue to innovate and improve. And now we have custom GPTs. Want a GPT for sales content? For marketing strategy? To create images? They’re out there—and you can find them in OpenAI’s GPT store, which launched Jan. 10. The store is available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users.

Thousands of custom GPTs are available, making it a challenge to locate the right one for your needs. To help you out, I did the work for you and found some of the top GPTs for sales professionals. Below you’ll find GPTs for sales coaching, sales content, sales leadership, sales management, and sales strategy. I hope they help you have better conversations with buyers, build stronger teams and ultimately win more deals.

As always, be cautious when using GPTs. Refrain from entering sensitive information, double check sources, and check math and formulas.

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icon of laptop and people on screen GPTs for Sales Coaching

Negotiation Skills Coach for Salespeople

This sales-specific GPT is an AI coach that specializes in sales negotiation. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you simulate a negotiation with me?
  • What is the “buyer’s playbook” for this role-play?
  • What methodology are you assessing my response in this negotiation?


Sales Guru GPT

Sales Guru GPT enhances sales skills through role-play and conversational sales techniques. Suggested prompts:

  • How should I approach a new prospect?
  • Could you demonstrate a product pitch?
  • What’s the best way to respond when a prospect says, “I need to think about it”?
  • Type /help for a scenario guide.


Sales Mentor AI

Sales Mentor AI is a sales coach for consultants. It focuses on AI and various sales methodologies, including SPIN Selling, the Sandler Selling System, and Oren Klaff’s Pitch Anything method. Suggested prompts:

  • How can AI shorten sales cycles?
  • Tell me about the Sandler sales method.
  • How does SPIN selling work?
  • Explain Oren Klaff’s Perfect Pitch approach.


Sales Negotiation Coach

Sales Negotiation Coach helps you improve your sales skills and tactics via negotiation role-play and feedback. Suggested prompt:

  • Simply introduce yourself, and the bot asks you a series of questions to set up your role-play scenario.


Sales Objection Mentor

Sales Objection Mentor is a conversational AI bot that provides suggestions to overcome sales objections. Suggested prompts:

  • How should I respond to price concerns?
  • What should I do when a client says they need to think about it?
  • How should I respond to a prospect who says they’re happy with their current provider?


Spartan Sales Coach

Spartan Sales Coach can help you sharpen your sales skills, operating in a manner that is secure, ethical, and compliant with legal and organizational standards. Suggested prompts:

  • What’s the best approach for a discovery call?
  • I need a checklist for an upcoming negotiation.
  • Let’s do a sales pitch role-play session.


The Ultimate Sales Coach

This AI bot says it is an expert in sales psychology and strategy. It delves into the psychology of sales to give its responses. Suggested prompts:

  • What are some advanced closing techniques?
  • How can I refine my objection handling skills?
  • Can you demonstrate a high-level sales closing tactic?
  • What are some effective responses to price objections?

icon representing writingGPTs for Sales Content

Email Wizard

Email Wizard helps you create marketing and sales emails, as well as cover letters for work applications. Suggested prompts:

  • Write a cold email for my business.
  • Create an email campaign for one of my subscriber lists.
  • Write a warm email to an existing contact.
  • Write a reply to the following email I’ll provide.


Impossible Sales Rep

This AI bot generates custom cold reach sales emails for different industries based on research. Suggested prompts:

  • Create a sales email for a tech company.
  • Draft an email for a fashion retailer.
  • Generate a sales email for a restaurant.


Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect specializes in crafting unique, industry-specific sales pitches. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you help me with a pitch for a tech product?
  • What’s a good strategy for a healthcare sales pitch?
  • How can I personalize a pitch for a new customer?
  • Can you provide suggestions for a pitch following GDPR guidelines?


Sales Cold Email Coach

Use Sales Cold Email Coach to review email drafts, identify problems in your emails, and start conversations with prospects. Suggested prompt:

  • Write me an email to a business.
    The AI bot then asks you follow-up questions to get the writing process started. Enter the text of your email and ask, Is my email concise and to the point, without unnecessary jargon or fluff?


Sales Content Creator Pro

This AI sales tool can help you create different types of sales content, including sales pitches, product benefits, email templates, and proposals. Suggested prompts:

  • Write a sales pitch for [your product].
  • Create an FAQ to address common queries about [your product or service].
  • Create a compelling value proposition for my product based on the following details. (Include details such as product description, target audience, benefits, and market position.)


Social Media Sales Coach

This AI sales tool is specifically for social selling. It helps with conversation-to-sales conversion. Suggested prompt:

  • Start by telling it what product or service you sell, then it asks you follow-up questions to create step-by-step instructions for prospecting and selling via social media.


Tech Sales Mentor GPT

Use this AI-powered sales content coach to improve your sales emails, sales pitches, and create calls to action. Suggested prompts:

  • Review my tech sales email script.
  • How can I improve this cold email?
  • Give me feedback on my sales pitch.
  • Can you give me suggestions for a stronger call to action?

Icon of people in a group with a leaderGPTs for Sales Leadership/Management

John – Sales Leadership Mentor

John specializes in telecommunications and channel sales, including VoIP and UC. He does analytical problem solving, helps develop effective sales strategies, provides guidance on hiring strategies and sales team management, and more. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you review our current sales strategies and provide insights on what might be improved, particularly in relation to VoIP and UC sales?
  • We are facing specific challenges in [area/problem]. How would you approach these issues?
  • Our sales team is struggling with [issue]. What strategies can you suggest for improving team dynamics and performance?


Lean Sales Coach

Based on the Lean Sales Method, the Lean Sales Effectiveness Framework, and other Lean Sales resources, Lean Sales Coach is a coach and consultant for sales performance improvement. Suggested prompts:

  • How can I improve my sales team’s performance?
  • Can you suggest lean methods for my sales process?
  • What data should I consider for my sales strategy?
  • How can I handle a dip in sales effectively?


Sales Manager

Sales Manager can help you manage your regional sales teams, setting goals and strategies based on market intelligence and management practices. Suggested prompts:

  • Provide concise instructions on how to communicate complex sales strategies to my teams in a clear and actionable manner?
  • Propose innovative B2B sales strategies that leverage our specialized knowledge in regional market analysis.

Icon of pie chart with womanGPTs for Sales Strategy

Competitor Scout

Competitor Scout specializes in competitor analysis. It analyzes competitor products and strategies, providing positioning strategies. Suggested prompts:

  • What competitors are in my product category?
  • Analyze this brand’s digital marketing strategy.
  • Provide a SWOT analysis for this ecommerce brand.
  • How should I position my product against competitors?


Revenue Catalyst

Revenue Catalyst specializes in lead research and company analysis, enhancing your sales strategy with personalized email outreach and support for multiple sales-specific tasks. Suggested prompts:

  • Find facts about a lead.
  • Write a personalized outreach message.
  • Create a sales sequence.


Sales Development Representative

This AI sales tool specializes in sales process automation and data handling, especially with text files for CRM updates. It uses a variety of software and tools to enhance sales processes, including HubSpot, Gmail, Google Sheets, and Zapier. Suggested prompts:

  • How can I use Gmail to automate my sales emails?
  • What’s the best way to manage my contacts in HubSpot?
  • Can you help me create a contact list using web research?
  • How do I schedule sales follow-ups in Google Calendar?



SalesGPT excels in sales strategies and provides analytical sales insights. Sales managers can use it for strategic planning, sales process analysis, team management, creating sales strategies, and more. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you help me develop a sales strategy for a new product launch?
  • What are some effective ways to motivate a sales team?
  • Can you suggest ways to effectively use CRM software for sales tracking?
  • How can I analyze our sales data to improve performance?


Sales Insights GPT v0.3

Specializing in SaaS sales, Sales Insights GPT helps you create enterprise tech sales strategies, communication, and market insights. Suggested prompts:

  • Help me craft a pitch for cybersecurity software.
  • Can you analyze my company’s competition for AI tools?
  • How do I use MEDDPIC sales methodology for cloud solutions?


Sales Process Mentor

Sales Process Mentor helps you build B2B sales strategies. It calls itself “your pipeline management companion.” Suggested prompts:

  • What are the basic sales pipeline stages I should consider?
  • I want to research a lead. Can you help with that?
  • Why is it important to record reasons why we win or lose?
  • What information is key to profile a potential customer?



Use SalesResearcher to quickly get an overview of your prospect’s information from their website, news, social media pages, and directory listings. Use that information to personalize your outreach to them. Suggested prompts:

  • Tell me about [Company Name]. Include key features or services, use cases and benefits, client information, and any recent company updates.
  • Provide an overview of the [Industry Name] market, focusing on trends, major players, and emerging opportunities.
  • Analyze the main competitors of [Company Name] and their market strategies.


Sales Strategy Expert

Sales Strategy Expert can help you develop your sales strategy, providing tailored advice and training. Suggested prompts:

  • What are the latest trends in sales strategies?
  • What are the key elements of a successful sales pitch for our industry?
  • What are some effective strategies for handling common objections in our industry?
  • What are the best practices for using social media to enhance our sales efforts?


Sales Strategist Advisor

Sales Strategist Advisor provides comprehensive insights on market trends, competitor analysis, and personalized sales training modules. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you analyze the current market trends in [specific industry or sector] and suggest how we can adapt our sales strategy to capitalize on these trends?
  • Provide a competitor analysis comparing our sales approaches and performance metrics with key competitors in our market, highlighting areas for strategic improvement.
  • Suggest personalized training modules and coaching tips for my sales team based on our specific challenges in customer engagement and closing deals.


Sales Template GPT

Sales Template GPT provides tailored sales goal suggestions based on industry, market size, and competitive landscape. It also offers strategic guidance and action plans to achieve these goals, along with customizable performance tracking templates. Suggested prompts:

  • Suggest a sales target for a new tech startup.
  • Generate a progress tracking template.
  • How should we set our sales goals based on our budget?



WENDY specializes in performing detailed company analysis and crafting targeted sales pitches, helping sales professionals effectively demonstrate their product’s value in relation to a specific target company’s needs and initiatives. Suggested prompts:

  • Analyze a company for me.
  • Create a sales pitch.
  • Research my product for the pitch.
  • Find a relevant testimonial.

Custom GPTs Improve Productivity Even More

Because custom GPTs already know your persona and sometimes your industry, you can bypass much of the instructions needed when using the more broad ChatGPT. Their ability to speed up tasks and increase productivity will free you up to focus on tasks only humans can do. Stay tuned for more lists of custom GPTs to help everyone on your revenue enablement team.

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