Allego for High Tech

Sales Training Platform for High Tech

Eliminate Revenue Killers

With Allego, top high tech sales teams like Red Hat, Apptio, LogMeIn and TripAdvisor eliminate four big revenue killers:

  • Inconsistent messaging
  • Slow onboarding
  • Inability to handle objections
  • Ineffective product and messaging launches

Ensure Consistent, Confident Sales Messaging

With Allego, reps learn what “the best” actually looks like, and managers use that as a benchmark to drive consistency and proficiency across the organization. Reps record practice videos to share with managers, then receive point-in-time feedback to accelerate mastery – instead of practicing on customers. Managers

can review, coach and certify from their office, hotel room, or flight and accomplish as much or more as they normally could during a ride-along.

Onboard Faster and Better

Whether hiring new staff or shifting existing staff into new roles after an acquisition or a corporate reorganization, ramping reps faster is a critical growth enabler. With Allego’s modern approach to sales onboarding, sales organizations:

  • Decrease the need for classroom and on-site training
  • Improve time to productivity
  • Cut travel costs and time-out-of field

Share Peer Insight and Best Practices

90% of learning occurs informally, in the field. Allego empowers organizations to capture and accelerate the diffusion of field-generated insights, best-practices, and critical update videos organically from top performers, or from experts in the home office. Reps can tap into this on-demand library of objection handling, customer stories and competitive intelligence whenever and wherever needed, in the flow of their work.

Our Customers Say It Best

Here's what Finastra says about working with us:

"One of the biggest challenges for every sales trainer is to appeal to the different learning styles whether it is analytical learning, visual learning, or kinesthetic learning. Allego overcame that challenge for me because there were different avenues that I can put my data and content on and make it accessible to my audience globally.”

Sriveena Rao, Global Sales Training Analyst, Finastra

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