Allego for Life Sciences

Sales Training Platform for Life Sciences

The life sciences buying landscape has shifted. Sales reps need to quickly learn about new products and indications to fluently articulate the value of a product for different buyers within a short amount of time. Allego provides an intuitive learning and readiness platform for life sciences that boost sales performance by harnessing the power of mobile devices to transform sales training through video. In doing so, reps are able to address the ever-changing needs of multiple audiences, while validating their knowledge and skills.

8 of the 15 Top Medical Device Organizations Utilize Allego

Leading medical device firms such as BD, Wright Medical and Abbott Labs ensure their reps make the most of each buyer interaction by using Allego to:

Pharmaceutical Organizations Enhance Customer Engagement with Allego

Top pharmaceutical organizations like Vertex Pharmaceuticals use Allego to consistently deliver on-message and improve customer interactions. Allego enables sales managers to bring value to reps long after certification by facilitating ongoing collaborative learning. As such, organizations are able to collect and curate tribal knowledge to refine their approach. This accelerated style of learning translates to sustainable success for a brand and significant gains in sales effectiveness.

Life Sciences Firms Accelerate Sales Performance with Allego

Commercial teams in life sciences need a training platform designed for regulated industries. Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform is not only easy to use, but is also a key component in an organization’s arsenal of technology tools to accelerate sales performance.

Accelerate Certifications

Experience improved odds of launch success and reduced travel costs through modern sales certification.

Maintain Brand Integrity

Ensure commercial teams deliver compliant, certified messaging in a regulated environment.

Amplify Engagement

Improve customer interactions with relevant messaging and continuous training.

Promote Collaborative Training

Solicit ‘win stories’ and share with teams to illustrate successes and best practices.

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