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sales video report press release

Videos Generate 2.4x More Views Than Documents, According to New Allego® Data

Sales enablement platform provider analyzed over 40,000 content items, revealing insights into the effectiveness of documents and videos

WALTHAM, Mass.November 9, 2022 – Allego, the leading sales enablement platform provider, today announced new research on the state of sales video for sellers nationwide. “The Sales Video Report” provides data on the usage and adoption of documents and videos for sales and offers insightful recommendations for B2B sales leaders on how to make the best use of video for their business.

“B2B sales has changed drastically in recent years. Differentiating your product or service is more difficult than ever before. This means the way organizations communicate with sellers, and sellers with buyers, must change to remain effective,” said Mark Magnacca, president and co-founder of Allego. “Our data makes it clear that buyers are more likely to engage with video than static documents. It’s faster, easier and more engaging and can help get your message across in a dynamic way.”

Allego analyzed views and shares of 41,125 content items, including 12,463 documents (PDF, PowerPoint and Word) and 28,662 videos to better understand the effectiveness of each type of content. All of this content was shared by sellers with “external” users, likely prospective buyers. The data revealed that video outperforms documents in views, opens and engagement. Additional key findings from the report include:

  • Videos generate 2.4x more views than documents.
  • Recipients are 12% more likely to engage with videos vs. documents.
  • Recipients engage with videos 3x more frequently than documents.
  • Personal video content generates 3.6x more views than other video content.
  • Viewer engagement drops as video lengthens.

The data proves today’s buyers prefer video over static formats, signifying that providing opportunities for sellers to engage buyers with video will be even more essential in the year ahead.

Report Methodology

Allego analyzed views and shares of 41,125 content items, including 12,463 documents (PDF, PowerPoint, and Word) and 28,662 videos (mp4). These videos and documents were shared by internal users 180,365 times and viewed by external users 399,045 times. The analysis measured content usage by 3,596 users of our sales enablement platform at 67 companies in high tech, financial services, life sciences, and other industries between July 2021 to June 2022. Of those, 1,488 users shared videos and 3,125 shared documents. All of the companies have enabled Allego’s external sharing capability to send documents and videos to recipients outside their organizations. To prevent data skew, companies with fewer than 10 external sharing users were excluded.

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