Allego CRM Integration

Unleash the power of data-driven selling.

Enable sellers in CRM with the content, training, coaching and messaging they need to accelerate sales.

Equip Sellers in the Flow of Work

Meet sellers where they are with content, messaging, training, and coaching that’s relevant to their deal dynamics and correlated to deal outcomes.

Guide Sellers
Guide Sellers

Recommend content, training, coaching and messaging for the meeting at hand

Automate Tracking
Automate Tracking

Give back precious selling time by automating manual tasks

Visualize Deal Data
Visualize Deal Data

Drive smarter selling by surfacing insights in the flow of work

Reveal Enablement’s Impact
Reveal Enablement’s Impact

Map sales performance to content use, competencies, and buyer engagement

Guide Sellers in the Moment of Need

Recommend the best content, training, coaching and messaging for the deal or meeting at hand
Leverage AI to present recommendations based on sharing trends among similar users, open rates, and deal data
Target the content and messaging your team wants reps to use based on sales stage, competitive information, and other deal factors
Reviewing content inside of the Allego app on an iPad

Automate Activity Tracking for Reps

Automate call activity tracking and associate content that sellers share via email, social, and digital sales rooms
Recover precious selling time and ensure data accuracy by auto-attributing content data to the associated CRM record
Liberate sellers to focus attention on the conversation at hand by automating note taking and recommending next actions
Allego Sales Content Management inside Salesforce

Surface and Visualize Critical Deal Data

Visualize deal data for sellers and managers with convenient deal activity timelines in the applications they use every day
Drive smarter follow-up and coaching by surfacing indicators of competitive intent, revenue potential and more within digital sales rooms, CRM, email and social
Improve marketing and sales effectiveness with content usage, buyer engagement, and training analytics
Allego Deal Intelligence

Reveal the True Impact of Enablement

Reveal the true impact of enablement by mapping sales performance to content use, competencies, and buyer engagement
Display the lift in revenue, win rate, or deal velocity that’s driven by specific content with an easy-to-use dashboard
seamlessly integrate Allego and Salesforce into your tech stack

See how teams are using Allego Sales Content Management to make an impact

What I really like about Allego is that we now surface the right content at the right stage of the process within Salesforce, featuring explainer video context so reps know how to deploy it properly.

Mathew Hill Senior Director, Head of Global Enablement / Wind River

With Allego, we now have on-demand ability for reps struggling with an objection to immediately locate four or five ways to overcome it.

Rhonda Rockwell Director of Sales / Strategic Financial Solutions

Now we have one central location for our sellers to find approved collateral, plus we have engagement metrics to see how that content is being used and how customers are engaging with it. This feedback helps us continually improve our messaging and sales motion.

Gerry Hurley Senior Director of Enablement / Tripadvisor

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