2021 State of Virtual Sales Coaching: 5 Tips to Help You Adapt this Quarter

Only 16% of buyers say that sellers convey value effectively when selling virtually.  Is your remote sales team missing the mark?

Many sales leaders are struggling to adapt their coaching programs to a virtual-first environment—and falling short on coaching means falling short of revenue targets.

In fact, 76% of sales leaders say that not being physically present with their team has made it harder to observe and coach.. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join us June 24th as Allego’s marketing leaders, CMO Wayne St. Amand and Sr. Marketing Director Jonathan Calrson, walk you through the current state of sales coaching and the tactical changes that can help you thrive in a remote world.

You’ll learn:

  • What the latest research says about virtual coaching
  • How to get reps to practice without calling it practice
  • Practical recommendations for adapting sales coaching to a virtual environment
  • 5 ways  asynchronous video can enhance your virtual coaching efforts
  • How enhancements in artificial intelligence are changing the coaching game

…and much more.

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