Everything has Changed. Has Your Learning Strategy?

A decade’s worth of change has taken place in the past 6 months, radically changing how teams learn, train, and collaborate—and the landscape will continue to shift in the year to come. So, as you plan your learning & enablement solutions for 2021, what are the major new challenges you need to account for? And how will you ensure you have the right tools in place to achieve success?

Join David Wentworth, principal learning analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Jake Miller, senior product marketing manager at Allego, as they discuss how and why the approach that may have worked before won’t work now, and look at examples of companies that have made the transition.

Discussion topics include:

  • What has changed in L&D
  • The challenges of a remote workforce including: Onboarding, Training/Certification, and Teams
  • Making the shift
  • Case studies

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