How Agile Approaches to Sales Readiness Boost Performance

Research shows professionals learn best when they receive 90% of their learning informally and experientially.

Top-performing companies know this and use a new breed of sales enablement platform to deliver an agile approach to learning, coaching, and content.

This strategy not only helps ensure reps are well trained, but also that they have the right content and insights at their fingertips to handle any sales scenario they encounter.

Plus, an agile approach to sales readiness drives measurable improvements, positively impacts business, and produces compelling ROI for sales organizations.

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  • Why over-relying on formal learning programs can hurt sales results
  • How streamlined peer-to-peer knowledge sharing helps reps prepare for unforeseen hurdles in the customer journey
  • Why a sophisticated use of video is critical for enabling sales teams to work together asynchronously
  • The importance of creating personalized training programs that cater to your reps’ individual learning needs
  • How companies like Arco, DJO Orthopedics, Nuveen, and Veritas use agile learning, coaching, and content to improve sellers’ performance and gain a competitive edge

Get an edge on your competition. Learn how to combine agile training, coaching, and content to optimize your sales readiness strategy and improve sales performance.

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