How to Evaluate Modern Learning Platforms

Here’s the harsh reality: There’s a major gap between how most organizations provide learning, and how most sellers prefer to learn. And it’s a gap that poses a major threat to not only sales productivity, but to overall company health.

Is your organization prepared to eliminate that threat?

With this guided checklist, you’ll learn how to effectively evaluate a modern learning platform to ensure your sales team is learning within an agile environment that produces higher performance.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The strategic capabilities of agile, informal learning that accelerates sales performance
  • How peer-to-peer collaboration enables reps to interact and share best practices
  • Questions to ask when researching modern learning platforms
  • Guidance on rating the importance of capabilities within a modern learning platform for your team

Download the checklist today to ensure you’re prepared to implement the learning platform that will take your sellers to the next level.

Download Now (PDF)