ROI Video Series, Part 1: Proving the Value of Your Sales Training Program

U.S. organizations spend $22 billion annually on sales training and readiness initiatives (an average of $1,500 per salesperson nationwide). Yet many sales leaders struggle to quantify the results of these efforts—often leading to reduced training budgets and lower levels of sales performance.

In this ROI Video Series, Allego’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jake Miller, discusses how to best measure the impact of your sales training and readiness efforts, and ensure your teams are fully equipped to drive the best results for your business.

In Part 1, he looks specifically at how to measure revenue growth, including:

  • The 3 barriers to quantifying ROI for sales organizations
  • The best metrics to measure training’s impact on revenue growth
  • A brief, real-world example of how these strategies helped a global software company achieve their sales training and readiness goals

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