Tools & Techniques To Break Through Sales and Marketing Silos

Sales and marketing alignment is important in the best of times. Today, when teams are working remotely in the midst of a pandemic, it’s absolutely critical.

Companies have experienced huge changes in how they execute on business objectives this year. If you’re in sales or marketing, you may feel like you’re running twice as hard to get half as far.

But are you running in the right direction? At many organizations, sales and marketing have traditionally had an unfriendly relationship. Neither team believes the other understands their needs or priorities.

There’s a different path forward. To help you bridge the sales and marketing gap in today’s uncertain climate, we’ve invited two C-level executives to discuss how they work toward common goals—and how they’ve overcome challenges.

Join our conversation as Allego’s Chief Revenue Officer George Donovan and Chief Marketing Officer Wayne St. Amand share real-world tactics for building a stronger relationship, the high-impact technology and resources they use to manage change, and their words of wisdom for 2021.

You’ll learn:

  • Tools and technologies you can use to connect the dots and accelerate your business
  • Ways to maximize program effectiveness and adoption by sellers at scale
  • Strategies to get sales and marketing on the same page—and keep them there
  • Why sales and marketing alignment is critical for virtual selling success

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