Webinar : Assessing Sales Rep Competency Before It Affects Results

Sales leaders often find themselves relying on a few “rock stars” to hit their numbers, along with a few sales reps whose heads are on the chopping block but somehow pull out the biggest deal on the last day of the quarter. Too often organizations hold on to mediocre reps and hope that the rock stars will carry the team. The result: massive uncertainty as the quarter winds down, and a few deals sitting with a handful of sales reps who will make or break the number. Sound familiar?

How can a sales leader replace this uncertainty with a confident view of their teams’ likely performance? How can proactive leaders know which reps need help before it affects revenue?
In this webcast, you will hear the results of a brand-new market study that uncovers:

  • the right metrics sales leaders should use to easily and accurately assess sales competency
  • the factors that contribute most to fast quota achievement with new hires
  • the actions to take when assessments indicate competency gaps.

Join us to ensure you are the best at assessing and creating high-functioning, winning teams! Watch On-Demand today!