Allego for Product Launches

Transform Product Training

Streamline product rollouts with the workforce-readiness platform built to get distributed teams trained sooner.

$190K Savings

See how Becton Dickinson rolled out new products and certified more efficiently.

Faster, More Effective Training and Certification

Create, deploy and scale training capabilities with the most engaging content. Create and share win stories, competitive intel, and insider tactics from any mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Improve product training, certify faster and reduce travel costs for distributed teams.

Pitch-Perfect Product Training for Today’s Distributed Teams

Launch New Products Efficiently
Launch New Products Efficiently

Create, deploy and scale product training, messaging, and certification from any location.

Track and Measure Learning Easily
Track and Measure Learning Easily

Reinforce messaging and ensure company-wide compliance to drive productivity.

Maximize Resources
Maximize Resources

Drastically reduce travel costs with virtual meetings, onboarding, compliance training and customer outreach.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Capture and share product pitches, feedback and competitive intelligence right from the field.

Product Launch

Fast, Consistent Product Rollouts for Remote Teams

Equip sales teams with product information, best practices, and objection management resources on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Roll out new product information seamlessly
Share peer-to-peer insights and critical product updates
Deliver the information salespeople need, when they need it
Keep your sales force engaged before, during and after training

Certify Quickly, Ensure Compliance

Train dispersed teams on product messaging to comply with regulations and deliver the right messaging confidently.

Streamline certification training for new products
Ensure consistent and compliant product positioning
Practice, test, and reinforce messaging from any location
Provide just-in-time resources for deal prep and product rollout

We put together certification videos for our folks and sent them out so they could reply with a video and recertify themselves. This time around, we knew they could articulate the message. Allego basically paid for itself in the first year.

Joe Baker Sales Development and Training Manager / Becton Dickinson


Someone might come out of a meeting after saying something that worked really well, and they’ll create a quick video. ‘Here’s what I said, why I said it, and how the customer reacted.’ It’s a place where everybody on the team contributes. We were able to repurpose this content to build an engaging onboarding program in less than two weeks.

Pete Giliberti FMR. Director, Training & Sales Enablement / Qventus

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