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future of revenue enablement
June 6, 2023

Discover the Future of Revenue Enablement at Allego’s S3

future of revenue enablement


If there’s one revenue enablement event you go to this year, make it Allego’s S3.

Originally an intimate gathering of Allego customers, Sales Success Summit (S3) evolved into a multi-day conference filled with motivating keynote sessions, inspiring customer showcases, innovative new product demonstrations, and fantastic peer learning and networking.

Sales, enablement, and marketing leaders flock to Allego’s S3 each year to share stories, connect, and learn how to elevate their enablement and ultimately grow their business.

Now in its seventh year, Allego’s S3 is the revenue enablement event of the year. Hundreds of customers, prospects, and innovative leaders will attend this year’s conference being held June 13-14 at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston. Looking at the agenda, they will not be disappointed.

Below is a peek at what Allego S3 attendees can expect.

Allego S3 Keynote Presentations

  • Allego’s Vision & State of the Industry: Through his unique perspective and years of experience in the industry, Allego CEO and Co-founder Yuchun Lee will share insights on how we can collectively transform the way we approach sales enablement to drive revenue growth, enhance customer experiences, and achieve business outcomes.
  • Product Roadmap: See What’s Next for Allego: Allego Chief Product Officer Andre Black will unveil what’s next for the Allego platform. You’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at the product roadmap and discover exciting new features and capabilities that will transform how you approach revenue enablement.
  • Igniting the Rockstar Attitude During Uncertain Times: Mark Schulman — rockstar keynote, performance driver, and drummer for P!NK! — will take the stage for a keynote session like you’ve never seen before. You’ll leave feeling empowered, inspired, and elevated to an evolved mindset and new level of peak performance.
  • The Experience Mindset: In her game-changing, research-based keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce, will reveal how you can unlock unprecedented growth even during challenging times.

Industry Insight from Forrester and McKinsey and Company

  • Ready, Set, Go: Empowering Reps with Seamless Content & Learning Access: Kathleen Pierce, principal analyst at Forrester, reveals why content must be part of your readiness strategy. During the session, she will also provide a three-step model for delivering integrated training and content that sales reps will love.
  • Next Generation Sales: Leveraging Technology and Analytics to Drive Commercial Growth: Experts from McKinsey & Co. will share the latest actions you can take to drive commercial growth. You’ll learn how to leverage analytics to optimize sales, how to take a data-driven approach to change how organizations sell, and more.


Attend the Revenue Enablement Event of the Year

Join the brightest sales, enablement, and marketing minds at Allego’s S3 in Boston to connect, share stories, and learn.

Allego Customer Panel Discussions

  • Coaching and Learning for Sales Success: Leaders from Medtronic, Voya Investment Management, and Nexthink reveal coaching and learning strategies that have led to their sales success. Learn from top performers and discover how Allego can help you improve coaching and learning outcomes.
  • Maximizing Your Sales Potential in a Virtual World: Discover new ways to connect with customers and drive sales in a virtual world. You’ll hear firsthand how Advanced Bionics, Ash Brokerage, and MassMutual use Allego to have better conversations, create personalized buying experiences, and close more deals faster through virtual sales.
  • Level Up Your Onboarding and Training: Leaders from Lincoln Financial, 6sense, and CooperVision will discuss how to modernize your sales onboarding and training. You’ll learn how to develop and implement successful programs that maximize your sales team’s potential. And you’ll leave with effective onboarding and training strategies you can implement in your company.

Allego Customer Use Cases & Success Stories

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Allego: Join Berry Global for an exciting case study on how Allego’s platform has transformed their content management approach. You’ll also learn how Berry Global leverages Allego for new hire onboarding, digital selling, and employee development and collaboration.
  • Mastering DSRs: How to Create Engaging and Personalized Customer Experiences: CorporateVisions reveals how they use Allego’s DSRs (Digital Solution Rooms / Digital Sales Rooms) to create engaging and personalized experiences for their customers. You’ll get use cases and best practices that have been proven to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Driving Sales Through Modernized Content Management: Learn how to modernize your content management and drive more sales. During the session, Tradeshift shares their journey with Allego’s content management solution, detailing how it helped them streamline their content distribution and improve engagement.
  • Customer Story Showcase: During this session, you’ll hear from The Hillman Group, which streamlined its content sharing process using DSRs, and Smith + Nephew, which successfully replaced its current CMS and other tools/platforms with Allego globally across five divisions. You’ll also discover how Allego helped Smith + Nephew’s US Recon & Robotics franchise leverage Allego at its national sales meeting, using role-playing, coaching, and reinforcement.

Product Demonstrations

See Allego products in action in the Product Demonstration Area. Divided into three sections, the demos include:

  • Coach Like a Pro: Sales coaching that covers practice, standalone evaluations, deal and conversation coaching to make your sales team excel.
  • Smart Learning: Sales learning and reinforcement via mobile devices that fit into your sales team’s workflow and drives retention over time.
  • Content that Sells: Create personalized sales playbooks with learning and sales content that suits the buyer’s needs right in Allego.
  • Integrated Learning & Content: Learning and content integrations with Chrome, Gmail and Outlook that allow reps to access and share content while in their prospecting workflows.
  • Data-Driven Content for Financial Services: Learn how asset & wealth management firms can finally scale content production by simplifying data updates in content and distributing content across multiple destinations.
  • Virtual Selling Suite: Build highly personalized digital experiences for buyers, improve collaboration and communication with Digital Sales Rooms and build presence with personalized video messaging.
  • Deal Accelerator: Deal coaching to understand all engagement throughout the deal lifecycle and enable managers to provide feedback and guidance to improve rep outcomes and maximize revenue.

Allego S3 Networking Reception

The theme of Allego’s networking reception is “Come Together,” symbolizing the tremendous power of forging connections, fostering collaborations, and igniting new possibilities. This event, located at the stunning Legal Seafood Harborside, provides the perfect opportunity for attendees to come together and create lasting relationships in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here’s what you can look forward to at the Allego S3 Networking Reception:

  • Captivating Venue: Legal Seafood Harborside offers a stunning waterfront setting, with breathtaking views of Boston’s skyline.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with energy, excitement, and the buzz of engaging conversations.
  • Meaningful Interactions: Expand your professional network and network with your peers.
  • Entertainment: Prepare to be entertained and inspired.
  • Culinary Delights: We’ve curated a menu that will satisfy your palette.

Allego is assembling some of the most innovative thought leaders, practitioners, and storytellers in the revenue enablement industry. After two game-changing days, you’ll leave inspired, energized, and prepared to take your revenue enablement to the next level.

Meet Experts in Enablement

Join the brightest sales, enablement, and marketing minds at Allego’s S3 in Boston to connect, share stories, and learn how to take your revenue enablement to a whole new level.

See Allego in Action

Learn how to accelerate training and empower teams with modern learning that delivers real business results.

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