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top sales enablement software
February 21, 2023

Allego Named a Sales Enablement Platform Leader by Aragon

top sales enablement software


Coming off the heels of a record-breaking Q4 2022, Allego was named a Leader in Aragon Research’s analysis of the 15 major sales enablement platforms.

The report, The Aragon Research Globe™ for Sales Enablement Platforms, 2023, evaluates the top providers of software that “has become a de facto digital work hub for sales professionals.” The report also highlights how the sales enablement platform market continues to grow, and as it does, providers continue to add and enhance features, making these platforms essential to sales organizations.

While sales content management and sales communication remain critical components of sales enablement platforms, the software has evolved to also include sales learning, coaching, automation, and conversation intelligence.

“The sales enablement platform has become a de facto digital work hub for sales professionals.”

The platforms now act as “the new digital sales suite for sales professionals,” the report says, much like Microsoft Office 365 is for corporate professionals. This all-in-one platform has become essential for enterprises, and those who do not leverage them will be at a significant disadvantage over those that do, the researchers assert.

“Sales enablement platforms are no longer a nice-to-have, they are a must-have set of capabilities,” says Jim Lundy, Aragon Research CEO. “With the world still working in a hybrid mode, [sales enablement platforms] are a vital part of a sales team’s technology stack.”

5 Key Components of Sales Enablement Platforms

Aragon identified key capabilities now included in leading sales enablement platforms.

1. Sales Content Creation

When evaluating sales enablement platforms, Aragon said the leading sales enablement providers allow users to create content on the fly or by mixing and matching existing content.

The platforms also let users:

  • Create content and add rich media, such as video, to content
  • Natively edit content
  • Integrate with Google Suite or Microsoft 365

Aragon specifically calls out the importance of micro video and providing a TikTok-like experience to prospects.

“Micro video will be one of the biggest shifts in how people share rich content,” the report said, and Allego offers “strong video capabilities that others should look to emulate.”

2. Sales Content Management and Automation

Not only do the leading platforms provide sales content management, but they automatically recommend content to be shared with buyers. This not only saves time, but it takes the guessing out of the equation.

A robust sales content management system also includes agile content that sellers can find quickly and easily in the moment of need. Such content includes competitor analysis, best practice and how-to videos from other sellers, and product briefs.

Leading sales enablement platforms also have these sales content management features:

  • Advanced analytics on what is occurring
  • Mobile access to content and presentations
  • Analytics on content engagement, allowing teams to see who accesses content and how many times

3. Sales Communication

When it comes to communicating with buyers, the more personalized a sales rep can be, the better. This includes sharing content that matters most to them and communicating using the platform they prefer.

Leading sales enablement platforms can help them with that by:

  • Allowing communication via phone calls, email, or text messages, all via mobile
  • Identifying relevant content to share
  • Providing analytics on what recipients do with the message and the content
  • Running sales campaigns and sequencing them

“It’s more than just buying a dialer or omni communications. It is about sales cadences and engaging people at the right time with a compelling message and, in most cases, compelling content,” the report says.

4. Sales Learning and Coaching

Sales learning and coaching became a core capability of sales enablement platforms in 2022, Aragon said. Enterprises no longer need to have a separate tool for those functions.

When evaluating a platform, buyers should make sure it has these learning and coaching capabilities:

  • Sales training and onboarding
  • Video role playing, such as an AI-powered dialog simulator
  • Coaching for sales reps and managers

It’s also important that the platform allows you to streamline your learning and reinforcement using personalized learning journeys, AI-powered microlearning, and automated competency tracking.

“Aragon’s perspective is that sales training is still an independent function from sales enablement, but it does tie to the overall need for onboarding and training,” the report said.

5. Conversation Intelligence

When sales coaches can hear what sales reps say during sales calls, they can more easily provide feedback to reps on their sales skills, talk time, and how they sell. Conversation intelligence allows them to do that. It also improves business outcomes by creating a culture of coaching and experiential learning based on deep call, market, and deal intelligence.

Conversation intelligence helps you:

  • Analyze and understand the reality of every sales call, demo, and meeting
  • Search, listen, tag, and share key moments for an accurate view of what’s working and what’s not during buyer conversations
  • Automate note taking, so sellers can focus on the conversation and not on writing notes

Conversation intelligence “capabilities, along with guided selling, are leading towards a shift towards the intelligent sales enablement platform,” Aragon said

Feature-Packed Sales Enablement Platforms Increase Productivity, Lower Costs

Sales enablement platforms have many more capabilities today, making them a vital part of the sales tech stack, Aragon said. Their robust features make it possible for enterprises to purchase just one comprehensive solution rather than several tools.

As a result, sales teams can be more productive and more adaptive. And you’ll save money by not having to pay for multiple tools.

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