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best sales enablement software company
February 16, 2023

Allego Starts 2023 with a Bang: Record Growth, Innovation, Industry Honors

best sales enablement software company


We’re excited to announce that Allego had a record-breaking fourth quarter in 2022, propelled by new customers, industry recognition, and platform innovation.

Allego saw strong customer renewals, 75% expansion growth, and a more than 40% increase in users. Demand for the platform remains strong, with leading organizations across industries and geographies (including 40 different countries) implementing the sales enablement platform.

“The demand for technology to ramp sales teams faster has never been greater. As we enter our 10th year, we continue our mission to ensure sales organizations have the resources they need to sell effectively,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego.

“Companies that choose a comprehensive sales enablement platform have an on-ramp for future growth with lower overhead. They will outperform those without a modern solution. We’re proud of our progress over the last year to give sales leaders what they need.”

Helping Customers Deliver World-Class Training

Notable new brands adopting the Allego platform include Ageless Fitness, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, BlastMedia, Children’s HeartLink, Howarths, EcoOnline, Imperva, Itamar Medical Ltd, JamesEdition, Katalon Studio, Kefron, Nexthink, Pricefx, Thornburg Investment Management, Inc., and Wireless CCTV.

Allego also expanded its partner ecosystem with new companies using the platform to serve their customers, including B2B Decision Labs, The Brooks Group, and Synthesis.

At Children’s HeartLink, Allego has become a hub for interactive learning opportunities, onboarding, program planning, and resource sharing, said Jackie Boucher, Children’s HeartLink president.

“Incorporating Allego as a tool to enhance our blended learning model has provided more opportunities for us to reach healthcare teams in underserved parts of the world and provide educational resources and training to further support their growth in pediatric cardiac care,” she said.

Further customer validation came in the form of customer reviews and high rankings of the Allego platform:

Sales Enablement That Wins Sellers and Buyers

With sellers and buyers operating in virtual and in-person settings, Allego launched Allego 7 in June to further help companies equip sellers for success in a digitally centered hybrid world.

The platform introduced multiple groundbreaking innovations across the entire spectrum of enablement to help companies win over their sellers and buyers.

With Allego 7, sales professionals can:

  • Strengthen engagement with richer seller and buyer content experiences. Allego 7 transforms sales teams’ content experiences to be more engaging while making customer-facing teams more efficient than ever before.
  • Analyze learner progression and prove enablement impact. Allego 7 gives teams an immediate understanding of sales conversations and ensures messaging is being delivered effectively by automatically summarizing call moments into bite-sized highlight reels—an Allego first-to-market innovation.
  • Deliver next generation learning and coaching that drives behavior change. Sales managers, trainers, and customer success teams can practice two-way conversations with the Dialog Simulator feature, an AI-generated virtual actor, to gain experiential learning prior to real conversations with customers. Plus, Allego can automatically summarize meeting notes and actions.
  • Support guided personalization for each sales interaction. AI-powered data analysis determines what content or action a seller should use in each step in the sales process to provide highly personalized interactions.

Allego 7 “brings numerous innovations that are first to market, providing sellers and buyers with what they need to truly win in the hybrid environment,” said Andre Black, Chief Product Officer at Allego. “Reps can now practice buyer conversations with virtual actors, engage buyers with highly personalized digital sales rooms, and directly measure how content shared with buyers impacts their win rates—all in a single platform.”

Industry Analysts Recognize Allego’s Innovation

Last year, we also saw analysts from Forrester, Gartner, and Aragon recognize Allego for its advancements and innovation in sales enablement.

Achievements include:

Continued Commitment to Excellence

Allego also received several awards for its innovative sales enablement software and strong company culture. The company was:

As companies continue to weather today’s economic climate, they recognize that having a fully enabled sales team remains one of the best ways to adapt and increase win rates when there are fewer opportunities available. And as Allego’s achievements and industry recognition show, its sales enablement platform can help companies achieve that.

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