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How to Improve Sales Results Using Video and Mobile Technology

As a sales leader, how can you communicate new messaging and key product information to sales reps, encourage collaboration among teams, keep teams motivated, and ensure information is absorbed?  The answers lie with two simple tools we use in our everyday lives: mobile and video.

Empowering teams to work the way they live eliminates the learning curve associated with adopting new training tools and helps encourage adoption. The majority of humans – 60 percent– are visual learners, processing visuals 600,000 times faster than text. Video allows for easy absorption. But what’s the rub? If you’ve ever tried sharing videos, either personally or professionally, you know this is no easy feat. Connectivity and compression issues make it difficult, if not impossible, to share even the briefest videos.

After two years of hard work…Read Mark’s full post on the Sales 2.0 Event Blog