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October 16, 2013

A Transformational Equation for the Enterprise: Cloud + Mobile + Video

The past decade has proven the power of cloud computing to transform enterprises.  The efficiency gains are quantifiable from deployment to adoption to ongoing maintenance and innovation. But, now, when you combine the power of cloud computing with mobile and video, an exponential improvement in productivity, innovation and business results can be achieved, especially in the area of knowledge and content management.

A major challenge for many companies is the disbursed nature of their business.  A geographically distributed work force and the silo-ed nature of best ideas and experience lead to duplication of effort, lost opportunities and employee dissatisfaction. For an organization to achieve peak performance, employees in all functions and locations must be enabled to contribute to and have access to the best ideas and most relevant knowledge to support his or her success. Or in other words:

How can your employees get the best ideas from across your organization and deliver the most relevant ones to those that needed it?

To address this challenge, we need the combination of a distributed platform, relevant content, and a suitable process. Fortunately, with the exploding adoption of mobile devices and improved connection bandwidth, we have the right platform in the hands of all users that meets the first criteria. Users are able to capture, access and share information at anytime and in any place.

On the content side, it starts with the core concept that an idea is only valuable if it is consumed. So the information alone is not enough to provide value.  The form of content must also be engaging and easy to absorb. Study after study shows that short videos are one of the best content forms for consumption. (We expand upon this in an earlier blog post.) This doesn’t mean you should exclude other media; just that short videos should be a bigger part of the mix.  With today’s knowledge workers expecting and demanding control over how, when and where they consumer information, video has become the preferred media type.   Not only does short video provide a better means of knowledge absorption, it is a necessity in today’s work environment to keep people engaged.

Now that we have mobile devices that can share useful short videos and other content effectively, what is the process of gathering and distributing the content?  It starts with a business process of (a) ensuring systematic capture of the best ideas, and (b) ensuring people can find and absorb the best ideas.  For (a), this means a process that encourages people to capture and share knowledge.   The process and technology must be easy to use and efficient.  Optimally, it would be something that people are already doing and comfortable with. For (b), the best and most relevant content must be fast to find, easy and convenient to use and demonstrate clear benefit to the user.  Cloud computing provides the means to link knowledge with operational systems like pipeline management, customer service and HR, making the content relevant and meaningful to an employee’s own daily activities and objectives.  Any effective process must combine ease-of-use with personalized recommendations.

Our team at Allego is passionate about the combined power of mobile, video and cloud computing for an enterprise.  We believe it is not hyperbole to say that the implications on productivity, innovation, company performance and employee engagement are transformative.  We are excited to work with companies that understand the business value of this type of solution and are ready for the challenge.


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