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best linkedin newsletters for sales
October 10, 2023

18 Best Sales Newsletters on LinkedIn

best linkedin newsletters for sales

Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn has proven to be the best for reaching and engaging with business professionals. Current LinkedIn data shows the platform, which turned 20 years old in May 2023, now has 930 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. More than 61 million companies are listed on the platform. And in 2022, LinkedIn saw a 25% increase in conversations among connections.

What you might not know is that LinkedIn members also publish a wealth of information, tips, and advice for their peers via LinkedIn articles and newsletters. In fact, there are more than 36,000 LinkedIn newsletters. You name the profession, and you will find hundreds if not thousands of people sharing their wisdom. One group particularly prolific is sales professionals. Sales leaders, trainers, and consultants regularly post articles that they distribute via their LinkedIn newsletter.

The challenge is finding the newsletters and then determining which are best for you. We asked our sales leaders and reps which ones they prefer, researched them, and narrowed the list down to 18 of the best sales newsletters. Listed below in alphabetical order, these sales newsletters are packed with advice to help sales leaders manage their teams and improve their sellers’ performance.

Top 18 LinkedIn Newsletters for Sales Leaders

1. Allego Enablement Engine by Allego

Allego shares one of the best sales newsletters available on LinkedIn. Powering up sales teams with enablement trends and tactics. Published biweekly.

Recent article: 6 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Sales Enablement Platform

2. Art & Science of Complex Sales by George Brontén, CEO & Founder,

Putting HOW You Sell at the Core of Your Business. Published weekly.

Recent articles: How to Avoid these Sales Process Traps, 8 Simple Steps to Design Your Sales Process for Complex B2B Sales, Is Your B2B Sales Process Dead or Alive?

3. Cutting-Edge Sales Insights by Colleen Francis, Owner, Engage Selling Solutions

Sales insights that will help you transform your sales results. Published biweekly.

Recent articles: How to Get Your Sales Team to Embrace Change, Selling to New Leaders in Uncertain Times, The Surprising Way to Boost Your Sales Team’s Morale

4. Look Me in the Eye by Julie Hansen, Founder and Sales Presentation Expert, Performance Sales and Training

Strategies for great virtual sales conversations. Published biweekly.

Recent articles: 4 Cheats for the Camera that Your Audience Will Love You For, Influence with Virtual Executive Presence, Are You Misreading the Zoom?

5. Meridith’s Insights & Tips by Meridith Elliott Powell, Business Strategist, MotionFirst

Sales and Business Growth Strategies from Meridith Elliott Powell, business growth strategist and sales futurist. Published weekly.

Recent articles: Turn Uncertainty to Your Competitive Advantage, The One Strategy You Need to Attract and Retain the Employees You Need, 6 Strategies to Build Your Sales Muscle

6. Michael’s B2B Sales Tips by Michael Hanson, CEO, Growth Genie

Forget those long boring newsletters. Concise, actionable B2B sales tips. Published weekly.

Recent articles: My Top Tip for When a Hot Lead Ghosts You, The Yin Yang of Sales, How to Reduce Your No-Show Rate on Calls

7. The “Modern Selling” Bulletin by Peter Strohkorb, Founder and CEO, Peter Strohkorb Advisory

Thought-provoking insights and actionable tips for modern sales and business leaders who want sustainable sales growth. Published weekly.

Recent articles: How Do You Know Your Sales Process Is Up to Scratch?, The One Right Thing to Do to Lift Your Sales Right Now Is …, Ready for the Next Sales Revival?

8. Radically Human: Today’s Sales by Shari Levitin, CEO, Levitin Group

Given the changing world, wouldn’t it be crazy for your sales to use the same tired tactics to reach consumers? Published biweekly.

Recent articles: Common Hybrid Sales Training Mistakes that Derail Learning, How Sales Confidence Kills Price Objections, Selling with Video: Your Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

9. Sales Enablement Straight Talk by Mike Kunkle, VP Sales Effectiveness Services, SPARXiQ and Felix Krueger

How to make an impact with enablement. Published weekly.

Recent articles: How to Measure the ROI of Your Sales Enablement Program and Sales Support Content for Sales Methodology Adoption

10. The Sales Hunter Edge by Mark Hunter, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Sales, prospecting, and mindset tips for you to sell with confidence and integrity. Published monthly.

Recent articles: How to Build Trust and Confidence to Sell at Full Price (Forever), 11 Time Management Challenges for Busy Salespeople, How Can You Create More Time for Selling?

11. Sales Leadership Newsletter by Steven Rosen, Sales Leadership Coach, STAR Results

Sales leadership insights for smart and hungry sales leaders looking to achieve growth in the new post-Covid world. Published biweekly.

Recent articles: Bold Leadership Required to Succeed, What Awesome Sales Leaders Are Doing to Succeed, The New Sales Leadership Framework, Hiring Top Talent—Don’t Forget This Step

12. Sales Today by Fred Copestake, Founder and Sales Trainer, Brindis

For good (sales)people doing good things in a good way. Published monthly.

Recent articles: Collaborative Selling: 35 Ideas In 17 Minutes, Addressing the Challenges of Modern Selling, The Future Looks Bright for Sales

13. Science-based Sales Tips by Carole Mahoney, Founder, Unbound Growth

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand how it impacts the way you sell with your buyers. Published monthly.

Recent articles: How to Tick Off Your Champion, When Your Prospecting Is a Victim of Procrastination Perfectionism

14. Sell Without Selling Out by Andy Paul, Advisor, Strategist, Consultant, and Coach,

Learn how to achieve sales success without compromising your values. Published weekly.

Recent articles: Winning Is a Habit, Do Sales Managers Get in the Way?, Are You a Sales Leader or a Sales Boss?

15. The Value-focused Seller by Patrick Boucousis, Trainer and Coach, The Sales Natural

Exclusive tips and strategies on how to consistently be seen as better value than your competitors (regardless of price). Published monthly.

Recent issues: They’re Buyers, Not Sheep; What a 3-Year-Old Knows About Selling; Why Be a Value-Focused Seller?

16. The Weekly Sales Good Word by Donald C. Kelly, Founder and Chief Sales Evangelist, The Sales Evangelist

Weekly sales advice, tips, and strategies to help you close more deals. Published weekly.

Recent issues: How Sellers Should Be Using LinkedIn, A Workplace Your Sellers Can Thrive In, Elevate Your Sales Team’s Performance

17. Whizard Sales Wisdom by Mark Mitchell, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Whizard Strategy

Building materials industry sales and marketing advice. Published weekly.

Recent issues: Biggest Time Wasters for Building Materials Salespeople, Focus Your Building Materials Sales on the Right Commercial Buildings, Are Your Building Materials Sales Calls Bringing Value?

18. The Win Advantage by Martin Coburn, Managing Director, The Win Academy

Helping sales leaders and teams improve their win rate. Published biweekly.

Recent issues: The No. 1 Reason Your Sales Team Has a Low Win Rate, How to Get the Best from Your Sales Talent, Sales Leaders—The First 90 Days

Why You Should Subscribe to LinkedIn Newsletters for Sales

LinkedIn is where the business world connects. And LinkedIn sales newsletters are one of the best ways for sales leaders to connect with industry experts, as well as their peers. When you subscribe to one of these newsletters, you will stay up to date on the latest news and trends, and perhaps more importantly, gain valuable advice and tips to ensure your team outperforms your competition.

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