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how to win your prospect’s time
March 26, 2023

Amplify Success: Respecting Your Prospect’s Time

how to win your prospect’s time


Welcome to Amplify Success, practical advice from Allego salespeople about what works for them.

A prospect is interested in your company. Yay! They might have opened one of your emails, downloaded a white paper, or signed up for a demo. What comes next in the sales process?

The sales discovery call, a two-way conversation that lets you figure out whether there’s a fit and if a potential deal is worth pursuing.

A great discovery call also lets you build rapport with the prospect, understand their needs and pain points, position your company as a solution, and move the prospect further along in the sales pipeline.

But there’s a lot of ways it can go sideways. In this Amplify Success video, Allego Sales Engineer Jake Chapman shares his advice for having a great call.

Focus on the Prospect

The best practice that I would like to share is centered around doing a demo, but this also applies to any phone calls or any in-person or virtual meetings you might have with your prospects.

That is: have respect for their time. Time is very valuable. Think about how busy they probably are, all the things that they’d probably rather be doing. Ultimately time is money. Focus on how it’s their time that they’re giving.

Be Strategic

Sometimes we are so eager to try and sell. When we get these windows of opportunity with prospects, we want to show all the value, tell them everything that we can do, and all about why we’re so great.

There’s nothing really wrong with that. But it needs to be done at the right time and it needs to be strategic. We can’t put that above being respectful and considerate of our prospects’ time first.

Don’t Assume

If you’re meeting with the prospect and don’t know exactly how to help them, then don’t assume. Find out exactly how they need help, where they need help, why they need help.

Do your discovery so that moving forward, you can be surgical with the information you provide, whether that’s through email, conversation, a DSR or on a demo.

This means only show what they want to see in a demo and what’s specifically related to their stated interests or problems.

Don’t patronize your prospects as you’re explaining functionality, benefits, use cases, etcetera in the demo. This seems really obvious, but it happens all too often.

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