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Allego named Leader in 2023 Forrester Sales Readiness Wave
October 19, 2023

Allego: The Only Forrester Sales Readiness Solutions Leader Also Named a Leader in Sales Content Solutions

Allego named Leader in 2023 Forrester Sales Readiness Wave

Updated 10/25/23 to include Allego’s placement in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence for B2B Revenue, Q4 2023.

There are moments in a company’s journey that make you stop, reflect, and truly appreciate the hard work of every team member. One such moment for us happened last week. That was when we learned Allego was named a Leader for Sales Readiness in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Readiness Solutions, Q4 2023.

Not only was Allego named a Leader, but we received the top score in the current offering category, with the highest scores possible across 19 of the 31 criteria, including adoption, innovation, end-user experience, coaching recommendations, mobile support, and customer success.

While that is a worthy accomplishment on its own, what’s even more meaningful is that Allego is now the only one of Readiness Leaders that’s also a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022. And just this week, Allego also placed as the only enablement platform to achieve Strong Performer in the Conversation Intelligence Wave. This means Allego is the top ranked enablement platform for Current Offering across Readiness and Conversation Intelligence, and the only one of Strong Performers that Forrester also recognized as a Leader in both Sales Readiness and Sales Content Solutions.

To say I am excited is an understatement. Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, so Allego’s position highlights for us, our sustained excellence. Ever since the market started to recognize the convergence that’s happening in the sales enablement space between sales readiness, sales content management, and digital selling, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment. To achieve this caliber of recognition from Forrester is an honor and, in our opinion, a testament to our dedication to excellence.

We believe our triple recognition in the Forrester Waves also underlines Allego’s comprehensive approach to Modern Revenue Enablement and superior sales content, readiness, and conversation intelligence tools. And we feel it solidifies our position as one of the most forward-thinking revenue enablement providers in the market.

Why Allego Is a Leader in Sales Readiness

For Forrester’s 2023 Sales Readiness Wave™, the firm evaluated the 11 most significant sales readiness solution providers. Sales readiness vendors deliver “advanced capabilities and integrations that empower enablement teams to correlate sales results data with learning program information to determine which efforts have a real business impact.” Readiness vendors also leverage “AI technology in creative ways to make learning programs and learning itself more efficient.”

Specifically, Allego received the highest possible scores (5/5) in the following sub-criteria:

  • Personalized Learning Pathways: end-user experience, recommendations, guided selling
  • Support for Sales Coaches: reporting for managers, coaching recommendations
  • Management & Administration: competency management, content and course authoring, video recording, reinforce learning
  • Reporting, Analytics & Insights: measurement model, customized reporting, insights
  • Technology & Customer Care: implementation services, platform description, mobile support, customer success
  • Strategy: innovation, partner ecosystem, adoption

For us, this recognition speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value to our customers. We embarked on this journey in 2013 with our initial sales video coaching application, and from that point onward, we’ve meticulously expanded and improved our platform.

Furthermore, our position as a Leader exemplifies, in our opinion, our adaptability and the way we respond to the evolving needs of our customers. We’ve consistently aligned our strategy with the changing dynamics of the market, allowing us to stay at the forefront of sales enablement innovation.

Why Allego Is Also a Leader for Sales Content

Placement in Forrester’s Sales Readiness Wave comes on the heels of Forrester naming Allego a Leader for Sales Content in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022. In that report, Allego placed as one of only three leaders—with the top score in the content management and compliance criterion.

Not only was Allego named a Leader, but we also received the highest score possible in nine criteria:

  • Strategy: market approach, execution roadmap
  • Personalized enablement and delivery: buyer engagement, work anywhere
  • Content Management & Compliance: buyer experience design, taxonomy management, permission management, approval workflows & version control
  • Analytics and insights: ratings

Understanding the needs and preferences of sellers is at the core of our philosophy. Our readiness background provides us with a unique edge in the realm of guided selling, and we’ve rapidly reached parity with the fundamental aspects of sales content management.

Why Allego Is a Market Leader for Conversation Intelligence

Further proof of our innovation, Allego also ranked high in The Forrester Wave™ Conversation Intelligence for B2B Revenue, Q4 2023. In its evaluation of conversation intelligence tools, Forrester praised our use of generative AI and our innovative sales coaching and collaboration features. Two key Allego features stood out for the firm: Showreels, which allows sales coaches to highlight pivotal sales call moments, and Dialog Simulator, which Forrester called “the most advanced simulator to date.” Not only that, but Forrester said, “Allego is best for companies looking for an innovative revenue enablement solution for their sales organization.”

The Future of Sales Enablement: Revenue Enablement

It’s now crystal clear: Sales enablement strategies that operate independently, including sales readiness and sales content, are converging. Revenue enablement is the name of the game. And Allego, with our GO Revenue Enablement platform and EnablementAI, is positioned perfectly to help sales, enablement, and marketing teams meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the dual recognition from Forrester reaffirms for us our commitment to being a forward-thinking leader in the field of revenue enablement. We will continue to empower revenue enablement teams with advanced capabilities, leveraging AI technology, and deliver exceptional customer care. It’s our promise to keep delighting with our service and platform, helping sales teams adapt and excel in the ever-evolving landscape of modern sales.

We’re thrilled to be your trusted partner on this journey, and we’re excited to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sales readiness and content solutions. Thank you to our partners and customers for your trust, and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you, making sales teams more successful and efficient than ever before.

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Allego is the only one of Forrester sales readiness leaders also leading in sales content.