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best sales content solution
November 15, 2022

Allego is a Leader in Sales Content Solutions

best sales content solution

Great news! Last week, Forrester released the Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q4 2022 and it’s official—Allego is a Leader for Sales Content.

Allego is not first to market in the sales content space, but we know we have the best solution. As such, I was looking forward to seeing Allego’s rank in this in-depth assessment because this is the first time we have participated.

When I saw that Allego placed as one of only three in the highest “Leader” tier of the report—with the top score in the content management and compliance criterion—I could not be more excited for our team, partners, and customers.

We are thrilled to not only be recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave, but also receive the highest score possible in nine criteria:

  • market approach
  • execution roadmap
  • buyer engagement
  • buyer experience design
  • work anywhere
  • taxonomy management
  • permission management
  • approval workflows and version control
  • ratings

Allego is already a known leader in sales learning. We believe this recognition of Allego as a leader in content management is a huge validation of our place as a pioneer in the overall sales enablement space.

The Future of Sales Content Solutions

The Forrester Wave takes a deep dive into the top vendors in the sales content space. It highlights important innovations made by providers and, most importantly, defines the critical capabilities for the market.

One of the insights of the report is the evolution of sales content solutions (SCS) “into a tool for buyer engagement and sales performance.” The report states, “The market for SCS offerings has matured over the past few years as vendors and purchasing organizations pursue the goal of delivering compelling buyer and customer experiences through a streamlined, data-driven sales process and a consolidated, optimized tech stack.”

Forrester recommends that, “Potential SCS customers should look for providers that offer the following benefits:

  • Ease of use backed by native integrations and strong content and data management.
  • Meaningful, connected insights about content value.
  • The right mix of capabilities and complexity—plus a strategic partnership.”

Evaluating Sales Content Solutions Vendors

Is a sales content solution on your 2023 roadmap? Some noteworthy quotes from Forrester about our solution:

All-In-One Solution: “Allego ticks the boxes for an engaging, compliant, readiness-plus-content platform. In two years, Allego has done an excellent job of reaching parity and—in some cases—leapfrogging the competition with the SCS component of its all-in-one sales enablement platform.”

Ease of Use: “Allego understands that sellers don’t like being told how to work, and entices them with beautiful, collaborative buyer portals with strong security and flexible design. Its readiness background gives it an edge in guided selling, and it has swiftly reached parity in many content-management fundamentals (e.g., taxonomy, permissions, approval workflows).”

Just-In-Time Support: “Allego’s vision focuses on helping sellers connect with buyers in the moment, equipping them with comprehensive just-in-time content and readiness support. Allego is still a small player but has set itself up for growth with solid R&D investment, patents in enablement intelligence and analytics, and strategic partner choices.”

Peer-to-Peer Learning: “Allego is a good fit for sales enablement teams in medium-sized to enterprise-level companies that want to incorporate content into a sales readiness solution that emphasizes peer-to-peer learning.”

Pride and Gratitude

Upon reading the full report, I took a moment to reflect. It was hard not to experience deep gratitude for the incredibly hard-working and dedicated Allego team, especially our phenomenal product team who has continuously innovated since we first launched the solution.

I’m also grateful for our partners who have helped build a thriving ecosystem, and our amazing customers for growing along with us and helping shape the future of sales content solutions.

Allego has been in business for almost 10 years. Since the beginning, when our technology was used to solve enterprises’ complex sales readiness challenges—before “sales enablement” was even a term—our customers have helped guide our innovation, strategy, and growth. Simply put, our customers have made us better.

“We’ve had tremendous success using Allego to manage our sales content. The platform not only allows us to organize and distribute material, but its ease of use and flexibility have also inspired new ways for our sales teams to create and share content, driving significant adoption,” said customer Mike McGlothlin, EVP, Ash Brokerage. “Allego’s unique approach has transformed how we use content across the organization and how our advisors can receive valuable information from Ash and deliver that content to clients.”

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