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March 9, 2018

Sharing Sales Best Practices: Turning Lone Wolves into Unwitting Team Players

Whether you’re talking about those perfect objection responses developed by trial and error across dozens of customer conversations, or that key competitive talk track refined over numerous head-to-head competes: getting sales reps to share best practices and give away their hard-won knowledge can be like pulling teeth.

But it doesn’t have to be.

And in today’s crowded marketplace where sales reps increasingly rely on teamwork and collaboration to beat the competition, best practice sharing is quickly becoming a prerequisite for success.

Source Best Practices with Sales Learning Platforms

Sales learning platforms make it easy to source best practice examples from top guns in the field, then disseminate throughout the rest of the sales organization.  By using these tools to put everyone through sales certifications — veterans and rookies, alike — trainers end up with a collection of sharable video demonstrations by top sellers.  Even the most reclusive of lone wolves wind up inadvertently sharing best practices.

By selecting the best of these certification videos and curating them into easy-access channels for reps, trainers and managers create a rich database for quick reference in the field.  Picture a “Top Objection Handling” channel by product line or customer segment packed with short, peer-generated videos created during an objection handling certification.  Making that channel available to the whole team equips them with a variety of tactics, stories and talk tracks that work in the real world.  So if a rep’s sitting in the parking lot before a call, they can easily pop open their phone and get smart before walking in.

The Power of Best Practice Sharing

Getting tips and tricks from colleagues makes life easier for salespeople, and on-demand access to these in a curated video collection fundamentally changes the game.  Maybe one rep in another region presents with a similar style to mine, or another uses closing techniques more in line with my personality.  Mobile video sales certifications surface examples of excellence that I can quickly peruse and borrow bits and pieces from.

A treasure trove of winning tactics, techniques and stories lives inside the minds of each one of our reps.  We’ve seen the magic happen when they get together for a cold calling “power hour” to burn down lead lists together, or when you put a bunch of them in a room during sales kickoffs or national sales meetings and they start strategizing on talk tracks: everybody gets better ten times faster than we could ever keep up with using traditional training.  65% of sales reps agree that advice from peers is more effective than training from corporate.

How Mobile Video Sales Certifications Facilitate Best Practices Sharing in Today’s World

Peer collaboration is pure gold in the world of Sales.  Yet, when it comes to the geographically distributed sales teams of today, we’d run out of budget by Q2 if we brought everybody together to do this all the time.  So that treasure trove becomes buried treasure. Mobile video sales certifications give managers a way to facilitate this kind of best practice sharing remotely, so a few reps’ hard lessons become the rest of the team’s easy ones.  And with Millennials increasingly hopping from job to job and Boomers retiring at such a rapid clip, we can sleep a little more soundly knowing all that knowledge and experience isn’t just hopping off or retiring with them.

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