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September 29, 2016

Simplifying Enterprise Collaboration with Mobile Technology

Industry-leading firms are increasingly having to revamp their enterprise collaboration infrastructure to leverage the tremendous potential of the mobile revolution. Mobile technology is bringing a level of agility and connectedness to organizations that was simply not possible before, and it is becoming the new imperative to facilitate collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Enabling maximum employee productivity has always been an obvious goal for any competitive organization.  However, with the advent of mobile devices and the expectation of 24/7 connectivity, this takes on a whole new meaning.  With cheaper tablets available and mobile-first BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enterprise collaboration platforms being adopted, workers now have access to a plethora of business-specific productivity tools that allow them to easily share key insights amongst themselves, develop best practices specific to their organizations, and lean on the power of their teams to address mission-critical challenges.  According to Aragon Research, mobile collaboration is the new “tip of the spear” in enterprise collaboration.

Leading sales organizations are no exception to this rule.

The Sales Team – A Unique Set of Needs

Any sales leader knows that the lion’s share of the most crucial information that reps share and receive – whether it be key tips among colleagues on how to overcome certain objections, right up through completing sales certification assignments from managers – simply cannot be fully conveyed in text format.  Reps and their managers need to see, hear and feel the type of information that is relevant to their roles – the subtle, yet highly consequential body language and non-verbal communication essential for sales success which can’t be expressed in writing.

Companies surely understand the necessity of face-to-face communication for training, collaboration and certification.  This is why until recently, sales organizations were forced to spend so much money flying managers and reps in to central locations to meet face-to-face.

As has been the case with so many other seemingly inescapable costs of doing business, however, 21st century technologies have created a way out.

A Mobile-Video World

Leading sales organizations have found that the simplest and most impactful way to facilitate collaboration, learning and sales certification within their teams is to leverage the only medium suitable for the type of highly nuanced information salespeople and their managers on the frontlines need – video.

Innovative new platforms have allowed sales teams to rapidly share videos containing critical information on a scale that would not have been possible before due to constraints with bandwidth, slow load-times and data security issues among other things.  Combine this new technology with the ability to easily create videos on the common mobile devices of today and you have a new paradigm in learning and sales training.

One of the biggest roadblocks, however, has had to do with adoption of mobile-video collaboration tools once they are rolled out in an organization.  The biggest reason for this has been the high level of expectation that today’s business users have – if the user experience is not every bit as inviting, effortless and smooth as the consumer apps they are used to dealing with outside the workplace, they simply won’t be bothered with it.

This is why it is absolutely critical for sales leaders to put special emphasis on user interface and experience when evaluating a mobile-video learning technology platform.  There is no way to capture the tremendous value of these tools if teams aren’t enticed by a nice UX (User Experience).

Employing an easy-to-use mobile-video learning technology rounded out with an attractive UX and full reporting and analytics capability has transformed the way many leading sales organizations collaborate, and is a poignant example of the power of the mobile revolution.

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