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Reinvent Sales Training & Coaching with Online Video

Platform & Services

Allego Online Sales Training Tools

Companies spend billions every year on sales training, yet few sales leaders feel satisfied with the results. That’s because the traditional training paradigm is broken. It imposes heavy costs, in travel expense, lost selling time and even morale. And because it ignores the way people actually learn, traditional training fails to impact seller behavior or improve sales performance.

80% of sales content is forgotten within 30 days of a training session.

Harnessing the power of mobile, video, and peer learning, Allego reinvents traditional training to help reps achieve quota faster and more consistently. Our sales learning platform is purpose-built for sales teams – it’s fast, effective and even fun. Allego supports the full spectrum of learning – curriculum, just-in-time and reinforcement – because in addition to acquiring new knowledge, sales reps need to drive it into long-term memory as well as instantly grab high-impact refreshers whenever and wherever they need them.

Beyond great software, Allego’s proven Blueprint Methodology ensures teams successfully adopt and utilize Allego to realize immediate ROI and avoid missteps and waste. Our award-winning Customer Success team guides customers through the best tactics in manageable timeframes in order to get the most value out of the platform.


It’s a proven fact when you look at the metrics of who is using Allego, the top wholesalers at Pacific Life are watching every video that comes across looking for that edge and looking for more ideas.

Ryan Johnson
Regional Sales Manager, Retirement Solutions
Pacific Life