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SS&C Report: Why 70% of Asset Managers Will Choose Allego

According to a recent report by the financial technology provider SS&C, 90% of all asset management firms have adopted a sales learning and readiness platform, and 70% will choose Allego.

Published in February 2019, the report examines the growing adoption of sales learning and readiness technology in the asset management industry.

Crazy Not to Consider Sales Learning Technology

Of the asset managers surveyed by SS&C, 94% said they get value from training and coaching technology. This offers two important messages for every late adopter: (1) your peers obviously know something about this technology that you should also know; and (2) you’d be crazy not to look at Allego if you’re seeking a versatile and cost-effective sales learning and readiness tool.

At the global asset management firm Nuveen, for example, Allego has been used to democratize the creation of timely and relevant information for the sales force. Joy Crenshaw, Managing Director and Head of Sales Development and Business Solutions, uses Allego to expand the reach of the “talent pool” of subject matter experts while delivering more centralized and consistent messaging.

More Timely Insights, More Consistent Messaging

Previously, “12 different investment managers would send us an email saying, ‘Tariffs went through and here’s what we think.’ Some would send their emails in an hour; some would send them a week later.” After adopting Allego, “We were able to get people to record information on video just in time, and share very timely insights and accurate information with the field in a format they engage with. We were able to really drive that consistent messaging.”

At another global asset management firm, the learning and development team deployed Allego to cut down on the digital clutter—especially emails—and promote greater employee engagement through mobile video collaboration.

One of these collaborative tools is a 15-minute video podcast by one of the company’s wholesalers. Known as Windshield Time, the podcast features best-practices sharing and interviews with top sellers and company leaders. Thanks to Windshield Time, the wholesaler says he’s seen more peer-to-peer sharing in the last year than during his previous 13 years with the company.

Direct and Continuous Coaching

And at Global Atlantic, the company enlisted Allego to enable sales managers to provide continuous and direct coaching to wholesalers following a big shift in sales strategy. Whereas sales teams were previously siloed, with each wholesaler specializing in a single line of products, the firm now asks the wholesalers to sell all product lines.

With Allego, the managers now have the ability to create and distribute short coaching videos to team members, and then solicit questions and comments about the videos. Wholesalers can respond by inserting their own video or text feedback directly into the coach’s video.

Beyond coaching, Allego makes it easy for each wholesaler to create their own research library. By subscribing to selected channels, a wholesaler can proactively search for content (or browse and discover content) in a format that looks like YouTube or Netflix.

As a result, wholesalers can discover and digest “just in time” content before sales calls or when advisors raise particular objections.

Adoption of sales learning and readiness technology in the asset management industry will only continue to increase. Firms seeking a solution should evaluate vendors with platforms that promote broader collaboration among wholesalers, empower PMs and other internal experts to share key insights with the field, and drive more coaching and practice in the field. Download our report the Use of Sales Enablement Technologies by Asset Managers to learn more. 

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