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May 18, 2016

Video Creation – No Master’s Degree Required

Today, smartphones and tablets give us the power to capture memories wherever and whenever they’re being made – no planning required.

These same devices that allow us to capture special occasions allow business users to create videos just as easily and affordably.  A recent Aragon Research note, “Five predictions for Enterprise Video,” forecasts that by YE 2018, creating and editing a video will be as easy as editing a text document.  Imagine being able to create your own videos to share with your team, or with prospects and customers, without requiring additional expertise, budget, or a Master in Film Production?

While there’s still a time and a place for highly produced (aka expensive) videos – to showcase products to buyers, or to attract new hires, for example – there are specific business functions best served by short, user-generated videos.  The spontaneity and ease of use provided by smartphones and tablets works well for large, distributed sales teams who don’t often spend time in the same location, yet need access to highly relevant content and insights from the field as they’re approaching a deal.  Harnessing the power of mobile devices, a “just-in-time” learning platform allows sales teams to onboard new hires, share product and company messaging, practice their pitch and receive remote coaching from managers, and capture and share best practices from the field, whenever and wherever they are.  And best of all, by using mobile devices, which most sales reps rely on every day at work and for personal use, teams can collaborate and share short videos just as easily as sending a text or email.

The next time you leave a sales pitch, reveling in how you nailed it, consider taking a few seconds to record a short video sharing your secret sauce while the details are still fresh in your mind.  Your manager will appreciate examples of what good looks like to share with the whole team, your peers will high five you, and you’ll help improve sales performance across the organization by helping B players adopt best practices from A players.


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