Make Every Sales Rep Perform Better with Video Role Play

Message Consistency & Best Practices

Video Role Play Drives Message Consistency & Boosts Your Sales Team’s Confidence

Imagine your competitive edge if you could be confident that your company pitch was being delivered consistently in every sales situation by every sales rep.

Since implementing the Allego platform, we’ve already seen a more streamlined collaboration process, faster ramp time for new Account Executives and overall, more consistent messaging across the board.

Mary C.
Salesforce CommerceCloud

What does ‘best’ look like?

With Allego, our customers learn what “the best” looks like and then use that as a benchmark to drive consistency across the organization.

  • Define what ‘best’ looks like and replicate that across your sales team
  • Create a mobile, on demand library of best practice videos and content that is easily accessible and absorbed by sales regardless of location
  • Tap into your own in-field sales experts to develop content that is shared with existing staff and onboarding new hires – objection handling, top FAQs, competitive intelligence, recent wins
  • Easily assess every sales person’s pitch for on-point consistency
  • Roll out new products and services or existing products across a distributed sales force.
  • Onboard new channel partners and keep existing partners ramped on current positioning

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