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September 17, 2013

What Is Allego?

n. Latin root – a short story that makes a point.

Allego is a new company made up of professionals that love solving business problems and making our customers successful. Our team has started companies, led sales teams, satisfied customers, trained business professionals, built world-class software and we take enormous pride in what we deliver. We are a pretty fun bunch of people too!  About 18 months ago the Allego team came together with the mission to transform the way teams capture, share and use their most valuable knowledge assets.  We believe that teams can reach their full potential if knowledge across the organization can be better shared and absorbed, from on-demand access to the best ideas from any and every part of the organization to skills development that is best achieved through peer-to-peer collaboration, practicing and coaching, using media that is easier to consume — such as short videos.

Our experience told us that people often gain the deepest insights about how to achieve their business objectives when they talk with their colleagues, at meetings, in hallways, over email or video chat.   And people develop their skills as professionals with repetition, practice and collaboration with colleagues – surrounding yourself with talented people often strengthens your own talent!  The closer we communicate, the more we collaborate, the better we perform.

With the technology advances that have been achieved in mobile, cloud computing and video, we believed it was the right time to build THE world-class solution to make knowledge sharing and collaboration easy and engaging.  And so we did!  In July, we introduced our first release of Allego’s Enterprise Video and Knowledge Management Solution.  We are excited about the ways our customers are using Allego to achieve value.  Some of the use cases include:

  • Manager collaboration with sales team, virtually (pipeline reviews, account planning, meeting prep, virtual sales meetings)
  • Sales practice & coaching
  • Collection and sharing of best ideas from the field (Competitive intel, Win & Loss reports , Lessons learned, Exception handling)
  • Pre and post training collaboration and skill certification (product training, new hire onboarding, Customer service training)
  • Executive and corporate communications
  • Sales meeting enablement
  • Partner/channel training & communication

Our Allego overview video and solution sheet will provide deeper insight into what Allego is all about.  In the coming weeks, we will publish new videos to highlight different business use cases, how our customers are using Allego.

In this blog, we will do our best to provide perspectives, best practices and thought leadership about applying knowledge sharing, video, mobile and collaboration to various areas of your business. Please fee free to sign up for our mailing list at Contact Us to get notified about new posts, announcements, videos or case studies from Allego.


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