Online Bank Sales Training Solution

Transform Your Business

Deploy, manage and scale training for today’s distributed bank networks.

31% Increase

See how one of one of the nation’s oldest and largest financial institutions grew sales across 20 regions.

Drive Efficiencies for Large Networks

Increase productivity and engagement with interactive video. Create a culture of learning with peer-to-peer collaboration and user-generated content. Engage new hires quickly, develop critical skills and drive faster results for your organization.

Sales Enablement for a Constantly Evolving Industry

Train Efficiently
Train Efficiently

Equip banking professionals with the product information they need to deliver guidance in a fast-changing world.

Certify Easily
Certify Easily

Certify your team and achieve regulatory compliance to ensure consistent messaging and drive productivity.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Share market commentary, trends, strategic perspectives and in-depth analysis to guide investment decisions.

Coach Effectively
Coach Effectively

Assess competencies and deliver targeted skills training that keeps your employees engaged.

Build Relationships

Guide Clients In Rapidly Changing Markets

Equip distributed teams with high-impact insights to scale engagement with customers.

Add value and deepen customer engagement
Build better relationships and speed time to sale
Deliver just-in-time content to handle objections
Keep your team engaged before, during and after bank sales training

Connect and Empower Customer-Facing Teams

Share sales strategies and product positioning to gain a competitive edge.

Capture and share best practices and competitive intelligence
Foster peer-to-peer learning and collaboration
Keep employees engaged and informed with rapid updates
Deliver personalized online bank training from any location using any mobile device
Performance Analytics

Connect Sales Activity with Business Results

Understand revenue impact and effectiveness of training, content, and coaching to drive best practices.

Assess advisor skills, competencies, and knowledge retention
Get actionable insights into individual and team success
Track client engagement and replicate winning behavior
Deliver personalized online bank training from any location using any mobile device
Validate content and messaging effectiveness
Sales Person Using Laptop

Qualitatively, we are able to bring timely, relevant market information to the sales team 24/7 – information that would have once taken days or weeks to communicate.

Joy Crenshaw Head of Sales Development and Business Solutions / Nuveen

Our new hires have found Allego to be the MOST valuable tool to getting up to speed on products.

Jeff Lovanio AVP - Distribution Training and Development Manager / Voya

Allego has been a perfect way to stay top of mind with our clients, figuring out how to support them virtually rather than doing it face to face.

Brent Kopp Senior Director, Central Region / S&P Dow Jones Indices

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