Virtual Selling Skills Checklist

Sales organizations face a long list of challenges due to the pandemic. Now, more than ever, sellers have to be prepared for an unpredictable hybrid world.

Sales teams that are smart about virtual selling can overcome the uncertainty and get an edge on the competition. But do you know exactly which skills your team needs to be successful?

You’ll learn:

  • New skills to nurture prospects and host meetings without being in person
  • Top 8 virtual selling skills for successful virtual sales meetings
  • 5 virtual meeting tips for drama-free virtual presentations

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Learn How to Plan a Hybrid Sales Kickoff

Download The Hybrid Sales Kickoff Playbook to plan and deliver an outstanding meeting that sets your sellers up for success.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven tactics to adapt a live sales meeting to a hybrid one—from presentations to handouts to role playing
  • How to foster engagement and energy to help reps hit the ground running
  • Best practices for before, during, and after the meeting
  • PLUS a Virtual Hybrid Sales Kickoff Checklist