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allego company growth
August 5, 2021

Allego Delivers Aggressive Customer, Product, and Employee Growth

virtual sales enablement platform, allego company growth

We’re excited to announce Allego’s continued momentum in the first half of 2021 with strong demand from new customers. Allego provides an all-in-one sales enablement platform that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. 

“We continue to accelerate our progress as we help companies adapt to the world of hybrid work.” — Yuchun Lee, CEO and Co-Founder, Allego

The growing need for virtual sales enablement capabilities in a post-pandemic world drove annual contract growth of more than 100% from both new and existing customers. The company has also continued to exceed expectations on renewal for Q2 and 1H.

“Following our record-breaking 2020, we continued to accelerate our progress in helping sales teams to be more successful, especially as companies adapt to the post-pandemic world of hybrid work,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego.

“Our team has proven its resilience and dedication to our customers and to keeping our workplace engaging and productive amid one of the most difficult years. We’ll continue to evolve our offerings to exceed customers’ expectations in a new, dynamic workplace.”

Helping Customers Adapt to a Volatile Climate

Notable new customers adopting the Allego sales learning and enablement platform in the first half of the year include Accruent, Advisors Asset Management, Aegon Asset Management, The Assure Group, Imprivata, Intersect ENT, Klaveness Digital, Mainspire, Ogury, OTA Insight, Scharf Investments, Stardog, and Summit.

In the face of the pandemic, successful companies have adopted sales enablement tools to help them adapt to changing market conditions and enable their sales teams to be successful. When COVID-19 hit, interest rates dropped significantly causing many lenders to aggressively recruit and hire.

AmeriSave turned to Allego for help and created an organized, structured repository of all the content new hires need to be successful, and trainers are able to pre-record content for use in multiple training sessions. 

“We could see our trainees were not only watching those videos once or twice; they were watching the videos over and over and over again to ensure that they were really retaining the information they were learning,” said Jaclyn Smith, Sales Training Manager at AmeriSave.

“After adopting Allego, our pass rate [for becoming licensed mortgage loan originator] increased from 76%-78% to 83%-85% and test scores jumped too. And all the while we are giving a better experience to our new hires, who are starting the job with more confidence. The benefits were endless for the participant, for the trainer, and most of all, the company.”

Platform Innovation Drives Growth

To help customers continue to empower their sales teams to succeed at virtual selling, Allego rolled out several new product innovations in the first half. In June, we launched Digital Sales Rooms, a modern, online buying experience that provides a company’s sales professionals and prospective buyers with a secure and collaborative approach to buying and selling.

In May, the company also announced enhancements to its integrated Conversation Intelligence product. With Allego Conversation Intelligence, sales teams can automatically capture calls and virtual meetings and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform transcription across multiple languages, automate coaching and generate alerts, all with a deeper integration with CRMs and calendars. 

Continued Commitment to Excellence

The first six months of 2021 demonstrate our continued dedication to serving the sales learning and enablement community. Additional first-half milestones include:

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