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linkedin prospecting best practices
March 24, 2023

Amplify Success: Using LinkedIn for Prospecting

linkedin prospecting best practices


Welcome to Amplify Success, practical advice from Allego salespeople about what works for them.

For salespeople, social selling is a great investment of time and energy. It’s tougher to get attention than ever before and LinkedIn gives you a new way to prospect and build a network.

LinkedIn reached 875 million users in Q4 2022 and engagement has absolutely skyrocketed.

It’s a site where you have a captive audience of your ideal prospects every single day.

Thinking that way is the first step toward investing effort into LinkedIn.

But sometimes it’s hard to know what to post. Here are nine tips on using LinkedIn from Sarah Dick, Account Executive at Allego EMEA. Sarah has over 4,600 followers and makes it a practice to post nearly every day. Here’s where she gets her ideas.

9 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Prospecting

I aim to post consistently on LinkedIn every day. One of the things that I struggled with at first was what to write about. Here are my ideas around this, some that are perhaps a little bit different to what other people do.

1. Mine Your Meetings

The first thing I do if I’m struggling for a topic for a LinkedIn post is I look back at my calendar and what meetings I’ve had that week.

I think about the things that I’ve learned, things that surprised me, whether those are internal or external meetings, or just something that’s a little bit out of the ordinary that’s happened that week.

2. Screenshot Posts

Another thing to think about is if you’re seeing posts on LinkedIn that you find interesting, screenshot them and then talk about them, share your point of view. Don’t worry if it’s a little bit controversial. Or agree with them and tag them.

3. Connect Personal and Professional

A lot of people will see that I post a lot about my son, Edison. That usually comes from thinking about things that are happening in my personal life. So it might be something that I’ve done that weekend, something that happened the night before.

I consider things that happened in my personal life and how those can relate to sales. People seem to love a story on LinkedIn, so making those connections is something to consider.

4. Use Your Photos

The final one I do, which is a little bit rogue, is look at my photos and videos on my phone. I have a look back through the most recent photos and videos and think about what stories I can tell based on them.

5. Keep Notes

My biggest tip is to keep notes as you go. Because the worst thing you can possibly do is open LinkedIn at nine o’clock in the morning and try to think of a post. Just stick a quick note in, you’ll end up with a big list eventually. And then you can just pick and choose which one you want to post about that morning.

6. Create a Warm List

I feel like this can be useful for SDRs and AEs. From a prospecting perspective, you’re effectively creating a warm list of people who have engaged with your posts. Eventually—this is the dream—you’ll get people coming to you directly if you’re posting about things that they care about. It is effectively inbound leads coming to you.

7. Create Relationships

Obviously not everybody that engages with your post is going to be an ICP (idea customer persona). But you’re actually being endorsed by other contacts who can help you. SDRs, particularly in tech, are very active on LinkedIn.

They’re also typically pretty open to sharing information with you. So having conversations and creating relationships with SDRs and AEs at other businesses, finding out what their existing tech stack is, who are the right people to speak with, company goals and challenges, so that when you do reach out to the right people, they’re a lot warmer and it’s a lot more personalized.

8. Build Credibility

You can use LinkedIn as a way to build credibility and relationships with your prospects. From an AE’s perspective, having prospects who recognize your name, have seen your posts and your team’s posts, just creates a little bit of warmth and credibility from the get go.

9. Share Conversations

One of things I often do, because I post about what I’ve learned from recent meetings, is sharing conversations I’ve had with prospects. I’m not directly calling them out, but if that prospect sees that post, they probably know that it’s off the back of our conversation, which can be a bit of an ego boost for the prospect. Ultimately it shows that you listened to them in that conversation, you learned something from it, and you care about what they have to say.

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