Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

The key to organizational performance lies in teams’ ability to capture and leverage employee knowledge, best approaches, and emerging insights.

Collaboration that’s rich and engaging… on your schedule

Asynchronous Video Collaboration
Leaders, employees and coaches develop and transfer knowledge and best practices on their own time
Call Coaching and Team Workspaces
Automated call recording and analytics with mixed media shared spaces focused on specific engagements
Easy Engagement
User and tag following, @mentions, inline video discussions and compliant social content publishing spur engagement

Effective collaboration is integral to successful learning and execution in today’s environment

Instead of relying solely on live video conference or text-based collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, equip your organization with asynchronous video collaboration that maintains the human touch without the hassle of aligning everyone’s schedule.

Asynchronous Collaboration with Point-in-Time Discussion Asynchronous Collaboration with Point-in-Time Discussion
Capture and Share Insights on Video with One Touch Capture and Share Insights on Video with One Touch
Asynchronous Video Meeting Discussions Asynchronous Video Meeting Discussions
Fast, Easy Video Communications Easy to Create and Consume on the Fly
Call Coaching Coaching Based on Real Customer Interactions

41% increase in YOY sales

Using asynchronous video collaboration

Maintain Team Cohesiveness Remotely

Distributed teams, travel restrictions, and remote workforces make it challenging for organizations to collaborate effectively.

Asynchronous Video Collaboration for Today’s Remote Teams

Filling the gap where traditional collaboration tools like video conference, Slack, or Microsoft Teams fall short

Persistent record
Persistent record

Unlike video conference meetings, employees can come back to virtual collaboration spaces to reference shared information

Better for client-facing teams
Better for client-facing teams

Unlike Slack or other text-based tools, information shared through video can be emulated in conversations

No calendaring
No calendaring

Asynchronous video collaboration avoids the hassle of scheduling associated with video conference meetings

More trackable
More trackable

Instead of hoping employees tune in or read emails, leaders can see exactly who watched and who didn’t.

Allego is flexible allowing you to create varied learning paths and display featured content with an adjustable look and feel.

Anonymous / RAIN Group

We saw over $8 million in new sales as a result of using Allego for Virtual Selling

Mike McGlothlin EVP at Ash Brokerage / Ash Brokerage

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

We’ve had 100% sales adoption with about 48,000 peer views on the platform in the first 12 months. But for me, the biggest impact is the behavioral and cultural shift that we’ve undergone in the organization.

Head of Learning and Development / Global Asset Management Firm

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